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  • What Are the Benefits of Online Learning?

    Online learning provides busy adults with an option to continue their education and add to their credentials. Online programs offer convenience and flexibility, but there are other benefits you may not have considered! As you explore your degree program options at CTU, consider some additional advantages of online learning.

  • 4 Ways to Benefit from Planning and Tracking Your Success

    The decision to further your education is an opportunity to pursue a goal. Perhaps you want to work to attain a higher position in your field or switch gears and learn about a different industry. As you work toward fulfilling your degree requirements as a student, consider some ways you may be able to benefit from planning and tracking your success.

  • 6 Steps for Student Success in 2020

    Falling back into a routine is easy, but breaking from the same old can be a challenge. If you’re feeling empowered to improve your mindset as a student, consider the following tips to help inspire change and promote your growth in the coming year!

  • 4 Reasons to Strive for a Healthy Work-School-Life Balance

    Working, pursing your education, and having a family or social life can be a lot to manage. Though juggling multiple responsibilities may be difficult, it is possible! As you complete your degree, consider these reasons why achieving a good life balance is essential for your productivity, health, and personal relationships.

  • Mentorship for Student Success and Career Goals

    Having mentors while you’re in college can help you on the path toward your academic and career goals. Influential mentors can be knowledgeable and share experiences with you through your education and professional journey. So, where can you find mentors at CTU to help set personal career goals and guide you in defining how to achieve them?

  • The 5 C’s to Effectively Tackle Group Projects

    When an instructor assigns course projects, students work together to reach a common goal: achieve a passing grade. Yet, when team members do not contribute, or they communicate poorly, everyone can suffer. Try these tips when working as a team to complete an assignment.

  • Are You Ready to Go Back to School?

    Returning to school as an adult student can be a significant life event. As you prepare to further your education in your chosen field and build new connections with people from different backgrounds, consider the following tips to help support the transition

  • Crafting Your Cover Letter and Incorporating Keywords

    A cover letter is an employer’s first introduction to who you are as a person and an employee. Use the letter to your advantage and show why you’re the most qualified candidate for the job. Consider the following cover letter and resume development tips.

  • Library Tip: What Are Peer-Reviewed Articles?

    As a college student conducting research for discussion boards, presentations, and papers, you should know what these articles are or how to locate them in the CTU online library. Here are a few pointers for new and returning CTU students on identifying peer-reviewed articles in the CTU Library.