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4 Ways to Benefit from Planning and Tracking Your Success

Jan 27, 2020   |   General, Students, Success Tips
woman planning and tracking her success

The decision to further your education is an opportunity to pursue a goal. Perhaps you want to work to attain a higher position in your field or switch gears and learn about a different field. Whatever your reason, having a plan to accomplish your goals can be crucial.

As you work toward fulfilling your degree requirements and professional aspirations, consider the following ways you may be able to benefit from planning and tracking your success.

1. You can develop self-discipline.

Online learners welcome the convenience and flexibility of online education. However, a student’s success begins with discipline. To succeed as an online adult learner and working professional, you must manage your time well and establish your priorities. For example, you might create a calendar that notes your class responsibilities and personal or work commitments and identifies when, where, or how you will complete your daily and weekly assignments. When you plan, you can convey self-discipline. Not only is this a skill that supports online learning success, but self-discipline is also a skill that may appeal to employers and translates well in the workplace.

2. You can define your goals.

The act of planning and setting goals may help prompt you to determine when and how you want to reach your goals, what you need to do to advance, and where you see yourself in the future. So, whether you expect to graduate soon or you’re just starting your degree, keeping a record of your objectives, educational and professional, is one way to define your goals and track your progress. Maybe you enjoy writing in a journal or filming a video of yourself. How you record your plan is up to you. The important part is figuring out what you want and how you plan to go after it.

3. You take action.

Once you establish your goals, seeing a record of your ambitions in a journal, video, etc., may urge you to take action and keep progressing to reach your goals. This reminder can even help to reignite the fire that started you on your journey into higher education. Hence, you may find you’re more motivated to take action and keep moving forward to achieve your goals when you see your original plan. A motivating pep-talk might give you the boost you need to get back on track when you feel overwhelmed.

4. You reflect on your growth.

Having a physical record of your goals and growth enables you to reevaluate your original objectives at any time. You may identify missed opportunities, setbacks, or lessons gained. Then, you can make adjustments where necessary and resume pushing forward to achieving your goals.

One of the greatest investments you can make is in yourself. So, if you have yet to define your goals on paper, try to find time to do so. Take proactive steps to build your path to achieving your goals now and discover how a plan may offer more benefits than you initially expected. And, if you need help, speak with your Student Success Coach for advice, guidance and direction.

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