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  • CTU Honors Military Heroes with 2021 Patriot Scholarship

    Celebrating our nation's military heroes on Veterans Day is a time-honored tradition at Colorado Technical University. Each year, we award 50 full-tuition scholarships to wounded military heroes and their spouses, caregivers and college-ready dependents. CTU is proud to announce the 2021 scholarship recipients.

  • Peer Support through the CTU Student Community

    A supportive community of faculty, staff and peers can help encourage you to continue studying and keep your eye on the prize. Stay motivated and focus on achieving your academic goals while pursuing an online degree. Discover peer support through the CTU Student Community.

  • Colorado Technical University Intends to Commit 100 Percent of CARES Act Funds to Campus-Based Students

    On April 16, 2020, Colorado Technical University announced that it intends to commit 100 percent of funds received from the CARES Act directly to eligible Colorado campus-based students as it becomes available. The University is looking to relieve the financial burden of campus students impacted by the COVID-19 public health crisis as they transition from CTU’s physical campuses to online learning.

  • What Are the Benefits of Online Learning?

    Online learning provides busy adults with an option to continue their education and add to their credentials. Online programs offer convenience and flexibility, but there are other benefits you may not have considered! As you explore your degree program options at CTU, consider some additional advantages of online learning.

  • 4 Ways to Benefit from Planning and Tracking Your Success

    The decision to further your education is an opportunity to pursue a goal. Perhaps you want to work to attain a higher position in your field or switch gears and learn about a different industry. As you work toward fulfilling your degree requirements as a student, consider some ways you may be able to benefit from planning and tracking your success.

  • 6 Steps for Student Success in 2020

    Falling back into a routine is easy, but breaking from the same old can be a challenge. If you’re feeling empowered to improve your mindset as a student, consider the following tips to help inspire change and promote your growth in the coming year!

  • CTU Patriot Scholarship: Recognizing Our 2020 Military Heroes

    Each year, we honor 50 wounded veterans, caregivers and family members with full-tuition scholarships to an eligible CTU degree program of their choice. Since 2008, the CTU Patriot Scholarship has been awarded to 550 student applicants, totaling over $11 million in education. We are proud to release the list of our 2020 recipients.

  • 4 Reasons to Strive for a Healthy Work-School-Life Balance

    Working, pursing your education, and having a family or social life can be a lot to manage. Though juggling multiple responsibilities may be difficult, it is possible! As you complete your degree, consider these reasons why achieving a good life balance is essential for your productivity, health, and personal relationships.