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  • What’s the Difference Between a College Degree and a Major or Concentration?

    Before you can enroll in your first class, you’ll need to answer questions like: “What type of degree are you going to pursue?” and “What will be your major or concentration?” A degree is essentially a credential that is given to you by a college after you complete a series of academic requirements. A major or concentration is the area of study. Knowing the difference between a degree, level and majors or concentrations can help as you make decisions about your education.

  • 10 Tips for Emailing Your Professor

    With our constant use of social media, texting, and emailing in our daily lives, it can be easy to forget proper etiquette. Since you'll be emailing your professor, whether that’s submitting an assignment, asking a question, or making an appointment, it is important not to let mistakes ruin your email. Spelling or grammar errors can get in the way of the information you seek or give a wrong impression. Here are some tips on how to email your professor.

  • Executive MBA Graduate Shazad Carbaidwala: From Admissions Advisor to Corporate Project Manager, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

    Many professionals look for ways to improve their careers and expand on their future potential. Some attend industry-leader seminars and stay up-to-date on business news, while others look towards a goal of higher education. Business professional and CTU alumni Shazad Carbaidwala chose the latter. He graduated from CTU in 2005 with an Executive Master of Business Administration and has since opened multiple startups, works as a project manager, and is even compiling his first autobiographical fiction book.

  • New and Returning Student Checklist: How to Prepare for the Transition

    Whether you are a new or returning student, the first few weeks or months of classes may be an adjustment. However, there are steps you can take at the start of the term that may help you keep up with schoolwork and your personal life, such as creating a budget, planning a calendar or joining an in-person or online study group.

  • Student Productivity: 8 Tips You Can Use to Help Stay Focused

    Staying focused doesn’t always come easily. Whether you feel like you just can’t get started, or find yourself distracted, there are some techniques you can use that may make your project work and study sessions more productive. You can work on getting enough sleep, starting the day off right with a good breakfast, and staying organized, among others.

  • Wounded Warrior Scholarship Caregiver Recipient Looks Towards Future Success

    Nearly three years later after being awarded the CTU Wounded Warrior scholarship, Deborah Fletcher is approaching the end of her journey of completing an Associate of Science in Business Administration degree. "I turned 60 this year and had been out of school for 40+ years," Fletcher stated. "To get to go back to school after this many years has been awesome!"

  • How to Make Your Online Learning Experience Successful

    With millions of people attending college via the Internet, what makes a successful online student? How do you really balance work, life, family and college? At CTU, our goal is to help you work to complete your degree while still balancing life’s other demands. Here are some tips for success from our graduates to consider while you are pursuing an online degree with CTU.3