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Five Popular Online Courses to Recommend for Your Employees in 2023

May 23, 2023   |   General

There can be many benefits to offering your employees access to professional development through university degree programs. Doing so ensures that your staff remains well-educated and up to date on industry trends. It can also open up new networking opportunities, increase your team’s critical thinking abilities, and allow them to learn new skills applicable to their jobs. What’s more, it can help your staff feel fulfilled, engaged, and confident in their roles.

All of this can promote business growth, and have a positive impact on recruitment, retention, and your bottom line as a whole.

Many programs are available that could benefit your employees, so helping them select the right option for them can be daunting. The following is a list of popular options that may help your team reach their academic goals, and examples of specific courses within our programs to aid in their educational journeys.

  1. Management Courses Can Help You Maintain a Smoothly Run Business

    No matter what industry you’re in, having a team of confident leaders can help ensure that your organization is well managed, your employees are engaged, and your turnover is kept to a minimum.

    By enrolling in management courses, students can learn delegation and self-management strategies, all while gleaning insight from industry professionals.

    CTU’s Management Fundamentals course, which is part of CTU’s Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree program, introduces or re-acquaints students to current business management structures and their roles in giving companies a competitive advantage. Students will also explore various management and leadership styles, their impacts on business function, and strategies for adapting to our ever-changing world.

  2. Studying Project Management Can Help Keep Your Team Sharp and Organized

    Studying the exciting and always-evolving field of project management can foster creative problem solving, better time management, and improved organizational strategies – all of which can lead to more efficiently run corporate initiatives.

    And best yet, project management principles can be applied to just about every industry – from retail to engineering.

    CTU’s Bachelor of Science in Project Management courses, such as Introduction to Project Management allow students to immerse themselves in this discipline, and examine the ways project managers complete their projects on schedule, within budget, and according to specifications. In doing so, students will utilize materials from the PMBOK® Guide, and explore the phases of the project lifecycle and project management process groups – all essential to helping keep your initiatives on track.

  3. Consumer Psychology Programs Can Help Your Sales Force Understand Prospects

    If you’re in the business of attracting and retaining customers, you need to understand what drives them to action. That’s what this exciting field is all about. Your team can explore the science behind persuasion in order to develop better messaging, learn tactics to understand why your customers buy your products, and so much more. It’s a great way to stay up to speed on consumer trends and behavior.

    When a student enrolls in CTU’s Consumer Behavior: The Individual course, in CTU’s Psychology – Consumer Behavior degree program, they will explore external and internal influences of consumer behavior. Topics include: motivations underlying purchasing behavior; consumer perception, judgment, and persuasion; problem-solving, information, and decision making.

  4. Additional Marketing Insight Could Give Your Company a Competitive Edge

    Having a team with up-to-date marketing insight is crucial to helping your company improve forecasts, and potentially increase customer satisfaction. And with ever-changing technology, trending topics, and social media platforms, the importance of staying well versed in marketing tools and strategies can be important.

    CTU’s Marketing and the Virtual Marketplace and New Media Marketing Analysis courses, part of our Online Digital Marketing concentration, focus on the tools available for digital marketing and how they apply to technologies such as apps for smart phones and tablets. Students will also be exposed to traditional and emerging marketing trends and engage various strategies within branding and social media.

  5. Stay Up to Date with Healthcare Management Courses

    From the recent upsurge in global healthcare concerns and shifts in payment structures, to industry mergers and regulation updates, the healthcare industry is ever-changing.

    If you oversee a team of medical professionals, it is critical that they are kept up to date on new trends and developments in order to give your patients the care they need and keep your business running smoothly.

    CTU’s Healthcare Management program, specifically CTU’s course, The Health Care Industry, explores the history, development, and evolution of the United States healthcare delivery system. Students examine the roles of key stakeholders and discuss how the evolution of care and payer models has impacted consumers and providers. They are also exposed to different types of provider organizations with a general orientation to the laws, regulations, and policies that govern the health care industry.

Your Company’s Professional Development Program Begins Here

By offering professional development opportunities, you allow your team to gain confidence and knowledge, and you, as an employer, can continue to provide the best customer experience possible.

HR Professionals: Connect with CTU’s Corporate Engagement Center to learn how CTU may be able to help provide opportunities for Professional Development for your company at or click here to learn more.

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