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Pursue A Degree With Support From Your Employer

The Colorado Technical University™ Center for Corporate Engagement works with employers to help their employees streamline access to education, provide career-relevant training, and potentially provide college credit for corporate training.

Key Employee Benefits

The CTU Center for Corporate Engagement is dedicated to creating a smooth path for adults who are seeking to advance their education and careers with:

  1. Tuition Grants

    CTU offers grants in connection with your employer to increase access to higher education for employees.

  2. Flexible Courses

    CTU degree programs are designed for busy adults who are balancing their careers, families and other responsibilities. Flexible online courses can help you study at your own pace and fit your education into your schedule.

  3. Specialized Advisors

    The CTU Center for Corporate Engagement will pair you with advisors who will assist you throughout your educational journey, and they will be trained in your company’s policies and agreements.

Why CTU?

The CTU Center for Corporate Engagement is dedicated to creating a smooth path for adults who are seeking to advance their education and careers with:

  1. Courses for the Busy Schedule

    Our 100% online, mobile-friendly degree programs let you pursue your education at your own pace wherever you are, at any time of day. Classes start multiple times a year and run only 5 weeks.

  2. Award-Winning App

    With CTU Mobile, you can study on the go and access your classes, assignments, student advisor, grades, and more. CTU Mobile provides access to the virtual campus in your pocket.

  3. CTU Fast Track

    Get credit for what you already know by proving aptitude and passing CTU Fast Track exams—potentially reducing time to graduation.1

  4. No Entrance Exams, No Fees, No Wait

    Apply to CTU and receive an answer within days. No entrance exams or fees required to apply.

Save On Your Degree Through Your Employer

Commit to your education and explore college degree opportunities at CTU. The CTU Corporate Center for Engagement can collaborate with your employer to create an accessible and affordable path to higher education.

After being out of school for almost 20 years, the CTU Commitment Grant was instrumental in my decision to pursue my MBA! My tuition assistance, in combination with the Commitment Grant, covered 100% of my tuition. Achieving this degree has enhanced my management skills and provided me with financial acumen that is needed to make solid business decisions. Katie, 2021

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1 The ability to reduce time in school and/or reduce tuition towards the full cost of a degree program depends on the number of CTU Fast Track exams successfully passed. Fast Track program credits are non-transferable. Not all programs are eligible for possible 30% reduction in time and money. Courses eligible are subject to change. Students should not rely on potential Fast Track savings or eligibility when making an enrollment decision.

Join The Center For Corporate Engagement

Transform your tuition assistance into a purpose-driven education benefit. You impact the lives of your employees through your higher education sponsorship. With the CTU Center for Corporate Engagement, you can streamline your employees’ access to education, provide career-relevant training, and drive strategic recruitment and retention for your organization.

Customize An Education Program For Your Organization

Attract, retain and cultivate goal-driven employees through a purpose-driven educational engagement plan with CTU. Our Center for Corporate Engagement team has successfully launched thoughtful employee programs with many corporations, educational institutions and professional associations.

Our team will work to align with your education culture, understand your learning and development needs, and deliver a program tailored to your employee development and retention requirements—including the opportunity to create a debt-free degree pathway for your employees with our Commitment Grant.

The CTU Center For Corporate Engagement Experience Will:

  1. Develop Grants

    Create grant programs that align with your higher education values and transform your tuition assistance program into a purpose-driven education benefit.

  2. Communicate

    We’ll co-create and deliver specialized communication campaigns to meet the needs of your program and spread awareness of your tuition benefits with your employees.

  3. Deliver a Specialized Employee Experience

    Your program and employees are unique and will have customized student onboarding, student success coaching, and billing.

With The CTU Center For Corporate Engagement, You Will Be Able To:

  1. Empower Employees

    Offer your employees the opportunity to further their education with an industry-relevant degree while also working to improve on-the-job performance.

  2. Build Confidence

    Provide access to real-world curriculum that can challenge employees to build upon their current on-the-job skills.

  3. Enhance Benefits

    Make your company’s tuition benefits go further with a tuition grant from CTU that may cover up to 100% of eligible tuition, including eBooks and student fees.

Why Partner With Colorado Technical University?

In addition to the advantages of joining the CTU Center for Corporate Engagement, your employees can benefit from all that the CTU experience has to offer, including:

The Evolution of McDonald’s National Education Partnership with Colorado Technical University

McDonald’s Director of Education Strategies & Workforce Policy, Lisa Schumacher

Collaborate With CTU To Create A Debt-Free1 Degree Pathway For Your Employees.

  • Over 90% of CTU student survey respondents who received a CTU Commitment Grant said that the grant positively impacts their perception of their employer.
  • Over 85% of CTU student survey respondents who received a CTU Commitment Grant said that the grant impacts the likelihood that they will continue to work for their employer.
  • No Fees to your Company or your Employees
  • Per-Session Tuition Billing – you don’t pay for the full year up front (pay only for classes your employee actually attends)
  • Custom Billing and Reporting – we adjust to your processes and policies (we like you just the way you are).
  • No Minimum Student Requirements – if we help you help one employee, it’s worth it.
  • No Minimum Spend Requirements
  • No Cost for Communication Materials – we provide custom promotional materials at no cost to your company.
  • No Exclusivity – we don’t dictate who you can and cannot work with.
  • Academic Program Options – based on your company policy
  • Specialized Support Team – at your request, we can help your students navigate your tuition assistance process, get possible college credit for training at your company, or follow special enrollment requirements.
  • No-Obligation 1:1 Video Consultations – employees can register for a no-obligation consultation to learn about their company specific benefits at CTU
  • Graduation@Work - celebrating graduation is our favorite time of year - whether we celebrate virtually, in Denver, or throw a graduation at your workplace!
The partnership between CTU and my employer is 100% the reason why I felt confident and able to go back to school for my MSN.
Christina, 2021


Are you interested in joining the CTU Center for Corporate Engagement? Contact us!

1 The Commitment Grant may cover the remaining cost of completing a CTU degree after applying the portion covered by the Corporate partner's employee tuition assistance. If students elect to take out federal loans, they are no longer eligible for the Commitment Grant, and thus not eligible for the debt-free education option.

2 Transfer credit is evaluated on an individual basis. Not all credits are eligible for transfer. See the University Catalog for transfer credit policies.

3 Based on 2018-2020 survey data of 773 respondents out of 2891 CTU Commitment Grant recipients surveyed. Respondents are employed across 25 different companies

4 Based on 2018-2020 survey data of 726 respondents out of 2981 CTU Commitment Grant recipients surveyed. Respondents are employed across 25 different companies.