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  • Nurses Week: Influencing the Nursing Profession

    To be influential, nurses must view themselves as professionals with the capacity and responsibility to influence not only new staff and nursing students but also the current and future healthcare delivery systems. If there is one nurse who upholds the quality of care, it’s Dr. Ruth Tarantine, Dean of Nursing at CTU.

  • Nurses Week: Innovative Care Through “The Right Stuff”

    For Nurses Week, our second blog of the series focuses on the “Innovate” portion of the 2018 event theme. Leadership theories help guide problem-solving and contribute to evidence-based health care practices. The application of methods associated with leading creates a foundation for nurses to begin addressing critical questions in innovative ways.

  • Nurses Week: Inspire to Become a Leader

    In celebration of Nurses Week 2018, we will be taking the opportunity to celebrate these nursing professionals through a special blog series. This first blog focuses on the “Inspire” portion of this year’s theme, motivating nurses to expand on their personal and professional traits to become leaders in their field.

  • How to Choose Online Nursing Programs

    Online degree programs allow students an opportunity to access affordable nursing education without having to commute to school. Here's a closer look at what prospective nursing students need to know about selecting an online nursing program, from evaluating faculty credentials, to considering your educational goals, and thinking about your future career paths.

  • 5 Things Every Online Nursing Student Should Know Before Their Job Interview

    A recent article from US News and World Report quoting CTU’s Dean of Nursing, Ruth Tarantine, suggests that online nursing students may face a few unique challenges when entering the job market. However, there a few simple ways that recent online nursing grads can advocate for themselves and their degree program when talking to prospective employees.

  • Tips for Choosing an RN to BSN or an MSN Degree

    If you’re already a working registered nurse (RN), but haven’t earned your bachelor’s degree in nursing, now is a good time to consider heading back to school. A master’s in nursing may also be an option for you if you are more interested in nursing education and administration than daily one-on-one patient care.

  • Professional Networking for Nurses

    Professional networking is the act of building relationships, communications, and connections in the workplace-related world. While the careers of nurses are unique in many aspects, they can benefit greatly from professional networking.

  • How to Study for the NCLEX

    Passing the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX, is a requirement for becoming a licensed nurse, so you need to carefully consider how to study for the NCLEX if that's your chosen career path. Simply put, a nursing degree alone is not enough - to become a licensed nurse, you must pass the NCLEX.1

  • 3 Factors Affecting the Upcoming Nursing Shortage in the US

    According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the US is expected to experience a nursing shortage over the next decade, and this shortage could be good news for future and current nurses looking to advance in their careers. A projected shortage in qualified nurses means increased potential for job growth among those in entry-level positions as well as more available entry-level roles for those looking to enter the profession.