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Online Education in the Denver Area

Whether your goal is to earn your degree, add skills to your resume, or pursue a personal passion, CTU’s Denver online college degree programs can help you accomplish your educational dreams. Regardless of where you live, near our Denver South campus or across the country, we can help you optimize your learning experience and possibly save you time and money. Ideal for parents and working professionals, our online degree students have the opportunity to enjoy the best parts of a degree program – engaging content and interactions with students and faculty, for example, but without having to affect your other priorities such as family and work.

Choose from a Variety of Online Degree Programs

From business to nursing, CTU offers nearly 90 online degree programs at every level – associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral. The goal of our degree programs is to provide you with a quality education. We work with you to identify opportunities to transfer credits and explore financial aid options, ensuring you can earn your degree in the most efficient way possible. Our degree programs are designed with the working professional in mind, and our instructors work to deliver engaging course material designed to enhance your academic experience.

Faculty Who Enrich the Online Experience

At CTU, our faculty look to connect with students both inside and outside of the classroom. They work hard to help students achieve their personal best and serve as champions for and mentors to their students. Drawing from unique perspectives and experience, they also bring real-world experience to the classroom so students can grow and pursue their career goals upon graduation.

Discover Who’s Studying Online

Even though you’re taking online courses from the convenience of your home, library or coffee shop, you’re not alone. You’re joined by other online students who, while being in a similar learning situation, may hail from different places, cultures and walks of life. These classmates can help you enrich your education and build your networking possibilities. You can interact with these peers by asking for help with an assignment via email, schedule time to study together on the phone or video chat, participate in discussion boards, or connect via LinkedIn and other social networks. In today’s modern age, you have tools at your disposal to build a support system for your online courses, and there’s no telling how the relationships you form with your classmates online could come in handy when you’re networking after graduation.

Education Designed to Fit A Busy Lifestyle

One benefit of an online degree program is that you can still work full-time while earning your degree. There may be no need to lose sleep, arrange for additional childcare, or spend time commuting to physical classrooms. Instead, you can listen to archived lectures and complete assignments when it works for your schedule. CTU also offers an awardwinning1 mobile app to help you manage your online program experience and connect with the CTU community whether you’re at home, on the road or at the library. With CTU Mobile, you can track assignments, monitor your financial aid progress, engage in online discussions, and review course textbooks from your phone or tablet as long as you have an internet connection.

Denver Online College Classroom

With CTU’s Virtual Classroom, resources are at your fingertips – literally! From to do lists to live chats, you can find everything you need to pursue your online experience in just a few clicks. Simply log in to the Virtual Classroom to navigate to any of the following resources:

  • Course Home: Read the latest announcements for your online course.
  • To Do List: View and sort your upcoming tasks.
  • Live Chats: See when your next interactive lecture is scheduled, log into live chats or watch a previous lecture.
  • Assignments: Review the assignment list and sort by type, assignment or due date. Choose an assignment and get everything you need to complete it in one place. Follow a link to the class discussion board and interact with your instructor and your classmates.
  • Resources: View your bookshelf, which contains all of your e-books for current and previous courses. Check out all of the additional resources you may need for your coursework. Visit CTU Denver South’s virtual library, which contains e-books, online databases and research guides for all of our online degree programs.
  • Grades: See your grades at any time during your course and review your gradebook for a detailed breakdown of your progress, including a link to instructor feedback on assignments you’ve completed.
  • Classmates: See everyone who is taking the class with you and interact with them via email, discussions or live chats.
  • Site Menu: Tools to stay in touch, including general school contact information, department contact lists, and a link to discussions that are trending throughout the CTU community.

Innovative Online Tools

The 21st century has introduced numerous technological advancements that enable students to study and learn efficiently, and we embrace these advancements. You’ll find our digital tools can play a significant role in your online degree program experience, from helping you stay organized to making your collaboration and interaction with classmates and professors easy.


Intellipath® is our proprietary online learning application that foregoes the “one-size-fits-all” approach to education and instead creates a personalized learning path for each student. The application customizes coursework in our online degree programs to suit your knowledge level, which means you can skip what you already know and focus on what you still need to learn.

When you take an online course powered by intellipath®, you gain more control over your class material. You’re able to proactively close any learning gaps and receive instant feedback on the coursework you’ve completed. You may find that with more control over what you learn and when you learn it, you may be able to improve your performance in the classroom.

CTU Fast Track™

CTU Fast Track™ is a set of technology-driven learning assessments that allow you to earn credit toward your degree for the knowledge and skills you already have. For no additional charge, you can take a series of Fast Track exams online to demonstrate your mastery of core subjects. If you pass, you can earn college credit for your knowledge and complete your degree program quicker. By passing CTU Fast Track™ exams, you can save up to 30% in time and money.*

CTU Mobile

CTU’s mobile app puts a variety of information about CTU Denver South in the palm of your hand. With CTU Mobile, you get a secure, convenient way to stay up-to-date on university events, and you can connect with professors and classmates while you’re on the go. Complete homework, receive timely notifications, check your grades and manage deadlines regardless of where you are.

With CTU Mobile, you can:

  • Read over your assignments in the pick-up line at school
  • Engage in live chats from the comfort of your home
  • Send emails to your instructors from the bus or train
  • Review discussion boards on your break
  • Check on your grades in the line at the grocery store

Financial Aid

CTU’s goal is to help make your education affordable. We have a team of Financial Aid Advisors available to explain all of the different ways you can finance your education**, and you can also access our online resources at any time to get useful information:

  • Tuition and Graduation Date Calculator: See how Fast Track exams, transfer credits or a military affiliation can affect your total program costs and graduation date.
  • Net Price Calculator: In just a few minutes, you can receive an estimate of the cost to attend an undergraduate program at CTU Denver South, including the types of aid you may qualify for.
  • Scholarships and Grants: Learn how new and returning students who meet eligibility criteria can access a number of institutional grants and scholarships.
  • Tuition and Catalog Resources: With just a few clicks, you can review tuition and catalog information that can help you understand your education investment.

Engage Online with Fellow Students

At CTU, students can maximize their online learning experience by engaging with their peers, and we take advantage of current social technologies to make these interactions possible. Our students can communicate with their classmates and instructors in the same way they communicate with their friends, family and coworkers – via chat, email, mobile devices and social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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1 “Awards & Recognitions.” Colorado Technical University. Retrieved from:

*The ability to reduce time in school and/or reduce tuition towards the full cost of a degree program depends on the number of CTU Fast Track exams successfully passed. Fast Track program credits are non-transferable. Not all programs are eligible for possible 30% reduction in time and money. Courses eligible are subject to change. Students should not rely on potential Fast Track savings or eligibility when making an enrollment decision.

**Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Military affiliation includes active duty, veteran, spouse of military or veteran, or anyone eligible to receive military benefits.