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Industries and Opportunities in Denver

Set against a backdrop of soaring mountains, crisp air and mild weather, Denver is a popular destination each year for travelers who enjoy hiking, skiing and camping. For those who are less “outdoorsy,” Denver also offers a thriving art scene1 and a growing number of restaurants and breweries.1

The reality is that Denver is more than just an ideal place to visit; it may be an ideal place to live and work. Denver continues to have a lower unemployment rate than the U.S. average, and boasts it boasts a higher average weekly income than the U.S.2 When you combine this kind of hiring momentum with the attractive features that have long made Denver a great travel destination, you may have an optimal job-seeking environment for new college graduates and tenured professionals alike.

What Types of Industries Are in Denver?

Denver continues to enjoy a lower unemployment rate than the U.S. average while also recording a higher average weekly income than across the nation,3 and in Denver, job-seekers are finding professional opportunities with established corporations and cutting-edge start-ups in a variety of industries. In addition, you’ll find numerous public and private centers of support such as professional organizations and industry associations – all of which can help you build and expand your professional network in the Denver area.4


Recently identified as one of the U.S. cities creating the most technology jobs in 2019,5 Denver is enjoying its moment in the spotlight. Companies like Oracle and IBM6,7 have opened offices in Denver, and a lively start-up scene has emerged. Given Colorado’s low unemployment rate, developers, engineers, digital marketers and other tech staff are in high demand – so much so that companies are initiating “out of the box” recruitment efforts such as opening offices in popular downtown areas, targeting older workers, and creating various “boot camps” and “tech academies” to appeal to candidates who may only have entry-level technical skills but a strong willingness to learn.7


For every news headline announcing a computer system hack or a widespread data breach, there’s a company scrambling to contain the damage and prevent the security violation from recurring. This may be good news for professionals with cybersecurity skills.

The state also approved $8 million to renovate the former TRW manufacturing plant in Colorado Springs and turn it into the National Cybersecurity Center, further proving the importance of cybersecurity to the area.8 The Center opened in 2016. 9

Aerospace and Defense

With five major military installments, including the United States Air Force Academy, North American Defense Command (NORAD), U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and five strategic military commands, Colorado’s military assets back some of the most critical defense and intelligence missions in the world,10 and top aerospace and defense organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace and United Launch Alliance are located in Denver.11 These companies, in turn, may need professionals with effective technology skills. Case in point: As of November 2018, Colorado was the second largest aerospace economy in the U.S. and the industry growth here outpaces that of the national average. Colorado also has the highest concentration of private aerospace employment in the country.12

Broadcasting and Telecommunications

Denver is known as the “Mile High City,” and this unique geographic feature means it is the largest region in the U.S. to offer one-bounce satellite uplinks. This capability provides companies with real-time connections to six of seven continents in one business day, and as a result, some of the world’s most well recognized broadcasting and telecommunications companies are situated in Denver. In fact, Denver has a large cluster of broadcasting and telecommunications firms and professionals. In 2019, Denver held 1.6% of the nation's telecommunications jobs while making up only .23% of the population.13, 14

Are you ready to pursue your education in the Denver area? Request information about Colorado Technical University’s Denver South campus.

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