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Closed Campus Information

The following CTU campus locations are no longer open, but alumni, former students and employees can be assisted online, through the links below or by contacting the Colorado Springs campus at 719.598-0200.

  • Kansas City
  • Pueblo
  • Sioux Falls

Transcripts and Student Records

Transcript requests are fulfilled through Parchment Exchange, a leading company in secure transcript delivery. Parchment Exchange manages processing and delivery; the school retains the official transcript data.* See more on our Transcript Requests page.

Alumni Benefits

There are a variety of benefits available to you as a CTU graduate. To learn more about these benefits, visit our alumni section or email us at

We also encourage you to stay connected and network with fellow alumni by joining CTU’s various social communities:

Financial Aid Information

Information related to your financial aid records can be obtained by calling 1-855-733-8023.

Please refer to for additional Federal Student Aid information.

Student Accounts

Questions regarding your student account may be directed to: