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CTU’s Commitment to Military Students: 2019 Patriot Scholarship Recipients

Nov 07, 2018   |   Military
2019 Patriot Scholarship Recipients

Colorado Technical University recognizes the sacrifice and commitment required of military service members and their families. We also understand the versatility needed to pursue a degree in higher education. To show our commitment to our military roots, we have flexible policies in place designed to help military students strive for their educational goals through accessible and flexible degree programs. We have also established a scholarship, now in its eleventh year, to give back to those whose lives changed because of injuries sustained while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Each year, 50 full-tuition scholarships are awarded to deserving military members or their loved ones.

Since 2008, CTU has awarded the Wounded Warrior Scholarship to 500 applicants, totaling nearly $10.5 million. This year, the scholarship was renamed the CTU Patriot Scholarship to better represent our recipients and to acknowledge their strength, determination, and passion.

Who is Eligible to Receive the CTU Patriot Scholarship?

If you are interested in applying for the CTU Patriot Scholarship, you must be an active service member or veteran of the United States Armed Forces. Additionally, you must have received medical treatment for service-connected disabilities. Spouses, non-medical attendants, and college-ready dependents are also eligible. Finally, you must meet CTU’s application requirements and provide proof of high school graduation or equivalency document.

What Happens if I Am Selected?

Scholarship recipients are awarded full tuition to any eligible CTU degree program and may pursue an online degree or a program at one of the Colorado campuses in Colorado Springs or Aurora. Recipients also receive a new laptop computer and hardcopy textbooks or e-books. Finally, specially trained military education advisors and 24/7 technical support are available to support our students.

2019 CTU Patriot Scholarship Recipients

This Veterans Day, we honor our military service members and acknowledge their dedication and sacrifice. We are pleased to announce the 2019 recipients of the CTU Patriot Scholarship:

Dea Armstrong, CO
Steven Baker, NC
Cynthia Barroga, CO
Christopher Battleson, NC
Ronald Borel, GA
Rebecca Bowlin CO
Jonathan Bridges CO
Denise Campbell, VA
Andrew Chavez, CO
Melida Collins, NM
Melissa Comeau, TX
Matthew Decker, MD
Odelle Despot, NY
Kara Dietz, CO
Amy Fortner, CA
Gloria Francis, FL
Willie Gresham, MD

Rishi Gurung, WA
Tonya Ham, MS
Claudia Hamilton, TX
Chad Hamner, CO
Maggie Harshman, NC
Emil Hirsch, TN
Bruce Kellogg, CO
Cristy Kirwin, TN
Michael Lawson, ME
Lauren Levin, FL
Ed Malone, CO
Alison Mathers, TN
Stephanie Merz, CO
Angela Muldoon, CO
Jerod Murphy, GA
Michael NeSmith, NC
Betty Jo O’Brien, CT

Gilbert Paiz, VA
Daniel Parce, CO
Naomi Pulley, IN
Matthew Pumphrey, MD
Jose Rijos, FL
Mark Romero, AZ
Cornelia Schosser-Sample, CO
David Smith, TN
Melinda Smith Pace, IA
Sammy Stevens, SC
Forrest Thompson, KY
Theresa Totherow, SC
Skyler Triplett, GA
Kevin Wallace, VA
William Walsh, FL
Amber Wells, TX

Congratulations to all 2019 scholarship recipients!

Military Education Benefits and Financial Aid Options for Military Students

Although the 2019 Patriot Scholarship application period has closed and reopens for 2020 in the spring, prospective students may apply for financial aid. An Education Service Officer (ESO) can help you apply for tuition assistance and education benefits for which you are eligible. Benefits may include a reduced tuition rate, tuition assistance, and/or credit for eligible service. CTU uses the American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines to determine transfer eligibility for all newly enrolled military students. For military spouses and dependents, a range of education benefits and financial aid options are also available.

Degree Programs at Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University offers a wide selection of online and on-campus degree programs. However, degree programs that military students may favor include:

It is important to remember that selecting a degree program is a process. With more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degree programs and concentrations offered at CTU, several options may be considered. Begin by evaluating your experience, interests, and values to help decide which program fits you best.

CTU's Military Leave of Absence Policy

Military life comes with its ups and downs, and we understand that sometimes plans change. Therefore, if you need to pause your degree program because of a deployment or traveling to a new assignment, you may request a leave of absence. An approved Leave of Absence (LOA) is a temporary pause in academic attendance for a specific period of time in an ongoing program.

Explore Degree Options at CTU

With various pacing options and financial aid opportunities available for those who qualify, we strive to make your higher learning experience accessible and rewarding. Pursue your educational goals and live chat or speak with a CTU admission advisor at 1-855-230-0555.

Colorado Technical University cannot guarantee employment or salary. For important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended these programs, go to: Transfer credit is evaluated on an individual basis. Not all credits are eligible to transfer. See the University Catalog for transfer credit policies. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.
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