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Why Transfer? 5 Reasons & 5 Tips

Jan 28, 2016   |   Success Tips
Transfer university

There are a variety of reasons why a student may choose to transfer universities. They range from the personal to the professional and beyond. If you are looking to transfer, the important thing to realize is that you aren’t alone: According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, close to 1/3 of all college students transfer at some point in their academic careers.1

In this post, we’ll help you understand the basics of transferring by illustrating why students choose to transfer and highlighting what you need to know before taking that step.

When to Transfer to a New University: 5 Reasons

There are as many reasons to transfer as there are students in the world, so listing them all would be impossible. That being said, some frequent justifications for transferring are very common. These include:

  1. Altered life circumstances: There are no two ways about it: Higher education is challenging. Sometimes, that challenge can become even greater when life circumstances get in the way or cause interruption in education. These circumstances could include: A loved one requiring at-home care, military deployment, raising children, and many others.
  2. Going back to school: There are always learners looking to continue education after a break. Depending on your circumstances and the length of the break, it’s possible that credits previously earned will be transferable.
  3. Changing careers: A change in employment sometimes causes a change in schedule. That means a traditional university’s classes may not work with new shift times or responsibilities.
  4. Personal considerations: Every college is different, just as every student is. Considering this fact, personal tastes will always come in to play for transfer students. These can include emotional connections, a university’s physical location, shifted priorities, and more.
  5. Desire to change program: For any of the above reasons, and many others, some students find themselves in situations where their current degree program simply isn’t the right fit. In these scenarios, stopping one program and beginning one elsewhere might be the right choice.

5 Tips for a Successful Transfer

If one of the reasons above sounds like your personal situation, it may be time to transfer. However, it’s crucial to be fully informed before making any education decision. That’s why we’ve prepared these helpful tips for students considering a change in universities:

  1. Choose your university wisely: There’s a reason you’re transferring: Make sure that the new school you select meets your needs in a way your previous one did not.
  2. Ensure credits will transfer: Dealing with existing credits can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry; most schools have a credit transfer guide for helping incoming students understand which classes will carry over. Additionally, some institutions offer online credit calculators to help clarify what will transfer over. These tools may exist specifically for military credit transfers, as well.
  3. Research experiential learning: Some universities offer additional credit transfer opportunities for experiences and knowledge gained outside of the classroom that are related to your chosen degree program. This can be an excellent way to leverage what you already know.
  4. Prepare transcripts and more: Transcripts can sometimes take weeks to be sent from one institution to another. Don’t cause unnecessary stress by waiting until the last minute; start this process as soon as possible by contacting the institution’s registrar.
  5. Contact a university representative: While these tips are great, there’s no substitute for talking to a representative from the university itself. An admissions specialist can help you understand credit transfers, financial aid, transcripts, and more.

Request CTU Transfer Student Information Today

Colorado Technical University accepts numerous domestic and international transfer students each year. Depending on the degree program, credits may be transferable. CTU also has Fast Track™exams for incoming transfer students pursuing their Associate or Bachelor’s degree.

Are you considering transferring universities? Colorado Technical University has a streamlined credit transfer process and dedicated Admission Advisors who are eager to help.

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