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Lizabeth Jordan, DM

University Dean, College of Security Studies

Lizbeth Jorden

Areas of Focus

  • Security Studies and Criminal Justice


Dr. Jordan has been active in Emergency Management Services for more than two decades. She has shared this knowledge by teaching at CTU since 2007.

She engaged in emergency treatment and transports of wounded soldiers coming home from Desert Storm at Fort Dix and McGuire AFB and later continued to share these skills by teaching Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) to residents in Colorado.

Dr. Jordan obtained the degree of Doctorate of Management from Colorado Technical University in 2011 that emphasized her interest in Disaster Recovery. Her dissertation titled, “A Prospective for Disaster Recovery: Guidelines and Strategies” (2011), provided her a roadmap for her response in various capacities facilitating county-wide emergency services during the Colorado Waldo Canyon 2012, and Black Forest 2013, wildfires and widespread flooding of El Paso County, Colorado in 2014. She continues to share her learned experiences by instructing students continuing their comprehensive work required for their doctoral dissertation and is currently the University Dean for the College of Security Studies.