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CTU Wounded Warrior/Patriot Scholarship Recipients

In 2008, Colorado Technical University established the Wounded Warrior Scholarship to give back to those whose lives have been altered due to injury while serving in the United States Armed Forces. By 2017, the scholarship had evolved to include not only service members, but their eligible spouses, caregivers, and unmarried dependent children. With this change in eligibility criteria, in 2018, the scholarship was renamed the CTU Patriot Scholarship to better exemplify the recipients as the true patriots they are.

Congratulations to the Wounded Warrior and Patriot Scholarship recipients.

2019 CTU Patriot Scholarship Recipients

Dea Armstrong, CO
Steven Baker, Veteran, NC
Cynthia Barroga, CO
Christopher Battleson, Veteran, NC
Ronald Borel, Veteran, GA
Rebecca Bowlin, Veteran, CO
Jonathan Bridges, Veteran, CO
Denise Campbell-Parson, VA
Andrew Chavez, Veteran, CO
Melida Collins, NM
Melissa Comeau, TX
Matthew Decker, Veteran, MD
Odelle Despot Service Member, NY
Kara Dietz, CO
Amy Fortner, CA
Gloria Francis, Veteran, FL
Willie Gresham, Veteran, MD
Rishi Gurung, Veteran, WA
Tonya Ham, Veteran, MS
Claudia Hamilton, TX
Chad Hamner, Service Member, CO
Maggie Harshman, NC
Emil Hirsch, Service Member, TN
Bruce Kellogg, Veteran, CO
Cristy Kirwin, TN
Michael Lawson, Veteran, ME
Lauren Levin, FL
Ed Malone, Veteran, CO
Alison Mathers, Veteran, TN
Stephanie Merz, CO
Angela Muldoon, Veteran, CO
Jerod Murphy, Service Member, GA
Michael NeSmith, Veteran, NC
BettyJo OBrien, CT
Gilbert Paiz Veteran, VA
Daniel Parce Veteran, CO
Naomi Pulley Veteran, IN
Matthew Pumphrey Veteran, MD
Jose Rijos, Service Member, FL
Mark Romero Veteran, AZ
Cornelia Schosser-Sample, Veteran, CO
David Smith, Veteran, TN
Melinda Smith Pace, IA
Sammy Stevens, Veteran, SC
Forrest Thompson, Veteran, KY
Theresa Totherow, Service Member, SC
Skyler Triplett, GA
Kevin Wallace, Veteran, VA
William Walsh, Veteran, FL
Amber Wells, TX

2018 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Henry Alston, CSM (ret.), US Army, KY
Stacy Auguste, Spouse, US Army, TN
Kristin Bell, Spouse, US Army, GA
Deidre Blascyk, Spouse, US Army, TX
Kerry Brinker, Spouse, US Marine Corp, NC
andrew buckley, CPL (ret.), US Army, OR
Heather Cameron, MSgt , US Air Force, PA
Maria Chang Cruz, Spouse, US Army, GA
Kaylynn Cramer, Spouse, US Air Force, CO
Brian Dietzman, LTC , US Army, CO
Hollie Goschke, Spouse, US Marine Corp, AZ
Miriam Granillo, Spouse, US Army, TX
Julie Green, Caregiver , US Marine Corp, TX
Leah Hernandez, Spouse, US Army, TN
Kelly Hughes, Spouse, US Army, FL
Moralah LaBarge, Spouse, US Army, TX
Christopher Laha, Cpl (ret.), US Marine Corp, CA
Sarah Lane, Spouse, US Marine Corp, TX
Chase Martin, LTC (ret.), US Army, VA
Robert Maynor, CW3 (ret.), US Army, SC
Jessica McLeod, Spouse, US Air Force, NE
Carolelizabeth Mills, Spouse, US Army, PA
Ned Mitchell, SFC (ret.), US Army, CO
Dominique NeSmith, Spouse, US Marine Corp, NC
Amber Norton, Spouse, US Army, OR
Patricia Ochan, Spouse, US Marine Corp, VA
Marjorie Pennington, Spouse, US Army, ME
Elietzer Rivera, SSG (ret.), US Army, CO
David Rogers, Caregiver (ret.), US Air Force, VA
Cesar Sanchez, SGT (ret.), US Army, FL
Natalea Scott, SGT (ret.), US Army, SC
Emily Selga, Spouse, US Army, VA
Trish Simester, Spouse, US Army, IA
Dorothy Smith, Spouse, US Army, NC
Andy Smith, SGT (ret.), US Army, TX
Karolyn Smith, SGT (ret.), US Army, CA
Shirley Stanton, Dependent , US Army, NY
Eric Stigen, SPC (ret.), US Army, MT
Jordan Sutton, Caregiver , US Army, NE
Obie Taylor, SSG (ret.), US Army, KY
Brandt Thibault, SFC , US Army, GA
Joesph Thomas, SGT (ret.), US Army, NY
tina tillman, SGT (ret.), US Army, GA
Philip Treglia, LtCol , US Marine Corp, CO
Gregory Vaughn, SPC (ret.), US Army, CT
Robert Waddell, SGT (ret.), US Army, IN
Christopher Wall, SSG (ret.), US Army, CO
Carmen Washington, SSG , US Air Force, CO
Scott Weakley, MAJ (ret.), US Army, CO
Andrew Wood, CPT (ret.), US Army, IN

2017 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Amber Cerchione, US Army, Virginia
Andrew Harrell, MSgt (ret.), US Marine Corps, California
Ashley Struik, US Army, Alabama
Candace Sulkowski, MAJ , US Army, New York
Christopher Self, SGM (ret.), US Army, Tennessee
Christy Chase, US Air Force, Georgia
Dakarai Wilcox, US Army, Tennessee
Dale Loudermilk, SFC (P) (ret.), US Army, Minnesota
Danielle Klobnak, US Marine Corps, Iowa
David Ladouceur, Maj (ret.), US Marine Corps, Florida
Dwaine Hood, SFC (ret.), US Army, Kansas
Genna Brong, US Army, Michagan
Irvin Heard, Sgt (ret.), US Marine Corps, Maryland
Janice Christophe, SPC (ret.), US Army, Texas
Jason Gallegos, 1SG (ret.), US Army, Colorado
Jenna Snedeker, US Army, Colorado
Jennifer Williams, PFC (ret.), US Army, Colorado
Jessica Moore, US Army, Florida
Joseph Carlson, PV1 (ret.), US Army, Colorado
Joshua Reynolds, SSG (ret.), US Army, Arkansas
Justin Edgington, SPC (ret.), US Army, Arkansas
Kaci LeMoine, US Marine Corps, Oklahoma
Katherine Johnson, US Marine Corps, South Carolina
Keith Wasilonski, SSG (ret.), US Army, Colorado
Kimberly Williams, US Army, North Carolina
Krisell Creager-Lumpkins, SSG (ret.), US Army, Colorado
Kristen Wilson, US Army, Alaska
Krystal Butacan, US Army, Nebraska
Kyrstin Bennett, US Army, Florida
Larry Berry, SSGT (ret.), US Army, North Carolina
Lauren Levin, US Army, Florida
Lonnie Moore, CPT (ret.), US Army, California
Michael Winborne, SSgt (ret.), US Marine Corps, Virginia
Michelle Koelzer, US Navy, Missouri
Norma Boyd, US Army, New Hampshire
Patricia Swilley-Blackman, US Army, Mississippi
Richard Ingram, CPT (ret.), US Army, Louisiana
Richard Reid, CW2 (ret.), US Army, Kansas
Richard Rositas, MSgt , US Air Force, Colorado
Richarda Kirby, US Navy, Georgia
Sarnali Shaw, US Army, Pennsylvania
Scott MacIver, MAJ (ret.), US Army, Georgia
Seth Davis, SFC (ret.), US Army, Colorado
Seth Stevens, SPC (ret.), US Army, Indiana
Shayna O'Kelley, US Army, Kentucky
Stacey Taylor, US Army, Georgia
Teresa Duran, US Army, Colorado
Tracy Mathis, US Air Force, Colorado
Vincent Cerchione, CPT (P) , US Army, Virginia
Yolanda Ward, US Army, Colorado

2016 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Angelo Allen, SPC (ret.), US Army, Florida
Robert Allen, MAJ, US Army, Colorado
Justin Bernache, CW3, US Army, Colorado
Ronald Borel, SSG (ret.), US Army, Georgia
Paul Clark III, LT (ret.), US Navy, Virginia
Nicholas Copare, MAJ (ret.), US Army, North Carolina
Ashley Crandall, SGT (ret.), US Army, Delaware
Sergio Cuevas, SSG, US Army, New Mexico
Emery Delp, SPC (ret.), US Army, Hawaii
Jozel Dirksen, SGT, US Army, Colorado
Charles Galloway III, SSgt (ret.), US Air Force, Colorado
Mario Garcia Carvajal, SFC, US Army, Louisiana
Keith Hilton, SFC, US Army, Maryland
Steven Kendall, MAJ, US Army, Virginia
Jason Muehe, SFC (ret.), US Navy, Oregon
Timothy Quach, SFC (ret.), US Army, North Carolina
Louise Roarty, PO3 (ret.), US Navy, Colorado
Adam Rodgers, CW2, US Army, Hawaii
Timothy Shanks, SSG (ret.), US Army, Kentucky
Bradley Thomas, Sgt (ret.), US Marine Corps, North Carolina
Li-Kesha Thorton-Dreher, SPC(P) (ret.), US Army, Colorado
Travis Tyrer, SSG (ret.), US Army, Colorado
Patrick Wentzel, CPT (ret.), US Army, Virginia
Martin Wohlgemuth, MAJ, US Army, Colorado
Andrew Wood, CPT (ret.), US Army, Indiana
Toya Borel, US Army, Georgia
Kerry Brinker, US Marine Corps, North Carolina
Melissa Burkett, US Marine Corps, Maryland
Elysse Fleece, US Army, Colorado
Zachary Garber, US Marine Corps, Pennsylvania
Christina Griffith, US Army, New York
Christine Haas, US Army, Florida
Katherine Johnson, US Marine Corps, South Carolina
Megan Johnson, US Army, Michigan
Kathryn Jones, US Marine Corps, Florida
Brandi Koelzer, US Navy, Missouri
Cari Lawson, US Marine Corps, Colorado
Carol Mills, US Army, Pennsylvania
Nina Nevins, US Army, Wisconsin
Rebeca Perez, US Army, New Mexico
Janki RamasarLalgee, US Army, Florida
Tona Rimmer, US Army, Colorado
Dawn Rodgers, US Army, Hawaii
Trish Simester, US Army, Iowa
Janice Stenglein, US Army, Arizona
Laurie Suesakul, US Army, Iowa
Shayla Tisevich, US Army, Arizona
Theresa Triplett, US Army, Georgia
Penney Vasquez, US Marine Corps, North Carolina
Sonia Yulfo, US Army, Maryland

2015 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

SGT Andrew Chavez, Colorado
TSGT Alex Eudy, Virginia
SGT Jimmy Ochan, Virginia
CPT John Orosz, Virginia
SPC Nancy Preston, North Carolina
CPT Matthew Smith, Georgia
TSGT Edward Staystork, Florida
SGT Brandon Stephens, Texas
SPC Bobby Triplett, Georgia
PFC April Vaughn, North Carolina

Wounded Warrior Veteran Recipients
SGT Joshua Ellis, Virginia
SGT Carlos Escobar, Texas
SGT Justin Fisher, North Dakota
SFC Ricky Gardner, Texas
SFC Ketty Henderson, Virginia
SGT Ryan Hughes, District of Columbia
SPC Matthew Jefferson, Texas
SSG Antuawn Jiles, Maryland
MAJ Shawn McLeod, Nebraska
CPL Jenny Miranda, Utah
1SG Anthony Renzoni, Massachusetts
SGT Chad Rhodes, Iowa
CH Melinda Russell, Texas
SGT David Santiago, New York
SSG Todd Walls, Virigina

Wounded Warrior Spouse Recipients
Cristal Arnold, Colorado
Alyson Davis-Eudy, Virginia
Deborah Fletcher, Maryland
Patricia Ochan, Virginia
Tamara Tapper, Maryland
Sonia Timmreck, Utah

Wounded Warrior Veteran Spouse Recipients
Krista Backstrom, Kentucky
Natasha Casey, Texas
Xiomara Castro, Georgia
Jennifer Cazares, New York
Angel Collins, Florida
Janelle Colwell, Texas
Larry Hamilton, Colorado
Rebecca Heddinger, Virginia
Emma Henderson, Colorado
Melissa Hermosillo, Colorado
Denise Hilton, Texas
Jennifer Hopkins, Texas
Kathryn Jones, Florida
Katelynn Jordan, New Hampshire
Cynthia Milligan, Tennessee
Donna Porras, Virginia
Sylvia Rethmel, Pennsylvania
Gina Rinder, Colorado
Ariel Scott, Indiana

2014 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Fort Belvoir, Virginia

MsGT Barry Hooper
CPT Jonathan Porges

Fort Benning, Georgia

PFC Purvis Riley

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

SSG Donald Franks
SSG Christopher Schroeder

Fort Carson, Colorado

SSG Nicole Bumpers
SFC Chase Fisher
CPL Patric Murphy
MSGT Keith Williams

Fort Meade, Maryland

SSG Jarrad Davenport

Peterson AFB, Colorado

CW2 Kendall Pickering

Walter Reed National Medical Military Center

SPC Brett Claycamp
CPL Nathan Jakubisin
SGT Luis Remache
SPC Andrew Smith

Wounded Warrior Veteran Recipients

SSG Domingo Soto Santana Jr, Arizona  
MAJ David Andrews, Colorado
SPC Alicia Christopher, Colorado
SGT Pablo Trevino, Colorado
SrA Robert Netherton, Georgia
MSgt Scott Beaudry, Maryland
MAJ Andrew Green, New Mexico
MAJ Andrew Espinoza, New York
SrA La-Toya Parrott, Texas
SPC Brandon Boyd, Virginia

2014 CTU Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship Recipients

Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Eulalia Vega

Fort Carson, Colorado

Angela Lindsey
Vivian Mitchell
Silvia Williams

Fort Meade, Maryland

Michelle Ruth

Fort Sam Houston, Texas

Vastina Harris

Fort Stewart, Georgia

Debra Monroe
Ayana Powell
Theresa Triplett

Peterson AFB, Colorado

Andrea Pickering

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Maryland

La Torya Holmes
Cynthia Remache
Sobeida Santiago
Victoria Smith

Wounded Warrior Veteran Spouse Recipients

Slaydon, Arizona
Christopher Barnett, Indiana
Liza Fisco, Colorado
Noemi Le, Georgia
Katherine Holman, Nevada
Jennifer Wightman, Tennessee
Gabriela Bordeaux, Texas
Katherine Morton, Texas
Norma Boyd, Virginia
Denny Coleman, Virginia
Sharee Walls, Virginia

2013 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Fort Bliss, Texas
SGT Richard Neumann

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
SSG Arthur Ashley

Fort Carson, Colorado
CW2 Curtis Campbell
1LT Robert  Jepsen
SFC Rebekkah Ostwald
1LT Chris Perreault
SPC Lena Ramsay
CPL Jayson Stewart

Fort Lewis, Washington
SGT Patrick Sullivan

Fort Meade, Maryland
SFC Ronald Hammond

Fort Sam Houston, Texas
SSG Phil Casey

Jacksonville Air National Guard, Florida
SrA Sean Parr

Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
SSGT Scott Jensen

Nebraska National Guard, Nebraska
SGT Jeffrey Burton

Wounded Warrior Veteran Recipients
SSG Anthony Castillo, Colorado
SSG Thomas Chaves, New Mexico
SPC Ricoh Danielson, Arizona
SGT Matthew Johnson, Wisconsin
SGT Christopher Linksi, Colorado
SGT Raudel Madera, Colorado
MSG Jeremy Majors, California
SFC Adam Porras, Virginia
MSG Sean Rinder, Colorado
PFC Jeffery Taylor, Florida
TSgt Todd Walls, Virginia

2013 Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship Recipients

Fort Brag, North Carolina
Sarah Ashley
Crystal Holland
Crystal Mayes
Simone McDonald
Kelly Piercy

Fort Carson, Colorado
Katherine Alexander
Janelle Stewart
Kristina Tyrer

Fort Lewis, Washington
Janelle Moore
Dawn Rodgers

Fort McCoy, Wisconsin
Barbara Chasteen

Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Teresa  Baggett
Natasha Casey
Kimmie Davis

Fort Stewart, Georgia
Angel Collins

Water Reed National Medical Military Center, Maryland
Rita Horst
Marli Jakubisin

Wounded Warrior Veteran Spouse Recipients:
Micaela Cantu, Texas
Amanda Dove, Colorado
Emily Mackowski, Florida
Erica Mitchell, Arkansas
Heather Ovalle, Texas
Tona Rimmer, Colorado
Jennifer  Shoemaker Hoffman, Colorado
Kari Zamyslowski-Anderson, Minnesota

2012 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Fort Belvoir, Virginia
SGT Jay Lunna
CW4 Michael Meek

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
SSG Carlton Duncan
SPC Herman Perez

Fort Carson, Colorado
SPC Nicholas Anderson
SGT Nathan Bolema
SSG Anthony Davis
SPC Trevor Monroe
SPC Rocky Rocha
SSG Travis Tyrer
Fort Meade, Maryland
CW4 David Devan
1LT Lacey Hamilton
SPC Gary Lee
SFC Willie Selph
SPC Tim Shive
SGT William Smith

Fort Richardson, Alaska
SGT Johnny Pel
SPC Brian Vonfeldt

Fort Stewart, Georgia
MAJ Randy Klingensmith

Walter Reed National Medical Military Center, Maryland
CPT David McRaney

Wounded Warrior Veteran Recipients
SSGT Juanita Hughett , South Carolina
CPT Donald Martinez, Colorado
SSG George Ovalle, Texas
SPC Heather Souza, Iowa

2012 CTU Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship Recipients

Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Denny Coleman 
Michelle Meek 

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Amanda Shaner 
Annabell Prigge 
Auryvee Ortiz 
Belkis Serrano 
Yvette Hawke 

Fort Carson, Colorado
Audrey Bolema  
Gabriela Bordeaux
Brooke Cline 
Ishar Dixon
Jean McClintock
Elizabeth Monroe
Angela Rocha
Damon Sevy 
Sonia Timmreck 

Fort Meade, Maryland
Claudia Lopez 

Fort Richardson, Alaska
Ruth Faulkenberry

Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Kathreyn Harris
Paula Hein
Ashley Toppin

Fort Stewart, Georgia
Amanda Smith 

Wounded Warrior Veteran Spouse Recipients
Edna Huegel, Pennsylvania
Katelynn Jordan, New Hampshire
Judson Stallings, Germany

2011 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
SPC Marie Caudill, Army
CPL Jefferson Davis, Army
SSG Jon Hawke, Army
SGT Rebecca Manda, Army
SFC Frances Montes-Crawford, Army
SGT Jody Piercy, Army
SGT Daryl Shaw, Army

Fort Carson, Colorado
SGT Robert Armstrong, Army
SPC William Dale Ballard, Army
SPC Victor Favero, Army
SPC Danielle Friedericksen, Army
SSG Robert Kinnon, Army
SPC James Lindsey, Army
SPC Mark Paszkowski, Army
SSG Ralph Topps, Army

Fort Meade, Maryland
SSG Nicole Belgrave, Army
SPC Richard Kelly, Army
SFC Neville King, Army
CW3 Ed Rivas, Army
SGT Brandon Williamson, Army

Fort Sam Houston, Texas
SPC Brittani Lowery, Army
SSG Domingo Soto-Santana, Army

Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas
TSgt Christopher Barker, Air Force

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington D.C.
SGT Rafael Delgado, Army
SPC Walter Lester, Army

2011 CTU Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship Recipients

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Christopher Caudill
Jessica Copare
Kedlin Delauder
Tracy Mauro
Preston Miller

Fort Carson, Colorado
Kimberly Sue Ballard
Amber Bowker
Melissa Favero
Travis Grizzard
Amber Guerrero
Nishoro Kinnon
Mary Elizabeth Mathis
Michelle Paszkowski
Gina Rinder
Joshaua Rowe

Fort Hood, Texas
Gina Yances Redondo

Fort Meade, Maryland
Kendra Bennett
Jasmine Tejada

Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Mary Lou Copper

Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas
Trish Barker

Wounded Warrior Veteran Spouse Recipients
Kathryn Aldrich, Colorado
Dawn Calin, Maryland
Amanda Cameron, Washington
Lisa Ripley, Illinois
Juliet Grecco Santiago, Florida

2010 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Brooke Army Medical Center, Texas
Brian Lovell, Army
Joshua McDaniels, Army
Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Mikhael Canino, Army
John Filipkowski, Army
Howard Mann, Army
Joe Morgrain, Army

Fort Carson, Colorado
Michael Francisco, Army
Cynthia Galvin, Army
Jason Nash, Army
Andrew Trotto, Army
Eric Sassenfeld, Army

Fort Meade, Maryland
Cornelius Cook, Army
Dayshorn Crosby, Army
Antuawn Jiles, Army
Patricia Jones, Army
Paige Jones, Army
Annette Mann, Army
Lizandro Mateo-Ortiz, Army
Daniel Perpignan, Army
Ralph Perpignan, Army
Toni Rogers, Army
Jerry Saslav, Army
Rochelle Towson, Army

Fort Polk, Louisiana
Jonathon Bell, Army

2010 Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship Recipients

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Kyra Beam
Jordan Clark
Janelle Colwell
Alicia Cucchiara
Katelynn Jordan
Oddiese Lundy
Janisha McDonald-Layne
Valerie McGrew
Danielle Hunker
Tricia Mershon
Leslie Parker
Denise PeTree
Alma Rosales
Ariel Scott
Laurie Suesakul

Fort Carson, Colorado
Martha Ann Claiborn
Samantha Friese
Barbara Huntington
Nicole Smith
Jillian Rickman
Danielle Trotto

Fort Meade, Maryland
Milena Mateo-Ortiz 
Beverly Poyer
Ellen Ralda 
Sabrena Whitt

Fort Polk, Louisiana
Shannon Bell

2009 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Brooke Army Medical Center, Texas
David Camargo
Charles Dominguez
John Manuel Garcia
William Glass
Lou Ann Lopez
Eric Morante
Ricardo Perez
Joseph Piram

Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Ryan Carr
Carolyn Flinn

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Lawarence Belfour
Bradley Clark
Robert Dones
Earl Lundy
Brian McGuire
Jeanne  O'Brien
Antonio Pipkin
Jaimie Segvanhpheng
Claudia  Stallings
Kenneth Starnes

Fort Meade, Maryland
Ralph Condon
Edward Heddinger
Joseph Michalski
Edmund O'Neal
Elvie Payton

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Maryland
Dorothea Hooper

2008 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Maryland
Abraham Altamirano
Tommy Baijnath
Shaun Chandler
Justin Clark
Renee Deville
Ronald Fyffe
Junior  Greene
Allen Hill
James Kailie
Diane Lopes
Brian Mancini
Michael  Minard
Kelly O'Connor
Candice  Wutzke
Marcos Rodriguez
Rico Roman
Nathan Schaming
John Smalley
Javier Torres
Daniel Waite
Jonathan Wienke
Dameon Wilson
Travis Wood
Rick Zimmerman
Jilian Zlateff

In Memoriam

Renee Antoinette Deville, 2009 recipient
Jaimie Segvanhpheng, 2010 recipient