Experiential Learning Portfolio

Colorado Technical University recognizes that knowledge gained outside of a classroom may be relevant to your degree program. Learning experiences obtained through employment, non-collegiate, school-based education or other appropriate channels may be evaluated for course credit if it is in adherence to American Council of Education (ACE) recommendations. You will be asked to build a portfolio of experiential work - this document is a sample Experiential Learning Portfolio for your reference.

Make Your Experience Count With An Experiential Learning Portfolio

Experiential Learning Portfolio (ELP) is an electronic portfolio that relates specifically to a course in your academic program. It demonstrates and verifies learning through documentation. If your ELP demonstrates that your work experience meets the objectives of a course(s), you may be able to bypass that course(s).

What's Required?

Resume: Reflects all your professional experience
Narrative Essay: Demonstrates how work experience directly relates to a course in your program
Artifacts: Serve as proof of experience

How To Start

  1. Review degree program to identify which course(s) match your work experience.
  2. Contact a Prior Learning evaluator to obtain course objectives.
  3. Update and include your resume.
  4. Write your narrative essay.
    • Make sure to show how your work experience relates to course objective(s)
  5. Gather artifacts to support narrative essay. Examples include a wide array of documents such as:
    • Reports
    • Employee Evaluations
    • Documentation of training or certificates
    • Presentations

What's Next?

  • Submit a portfolio to the Prior Learning assessment department for evaluation.
    • Check with your Prior Learning evaluator for submission instructions

John Doe Experiential Learning Portfolio
MGM 255 – Management Fundamentals (4 Quarter Hours)
John Doe
Student ID: 555555
Colorado Technical University Online

Resume Provided Is A Sample Resume


John Doe
Phone number • Professional email address • LinkedIn address
111 Street Name
City, ST 12345

Targeted Position Title

Fields, ex: Administrative & Operations Management
Provide a high-level synopsis of your experience, talents, and personal strengths. Begin with a powerful statement indicating your title or an accurate description of your professional nature (Example: Results-oriented administrative professional). Add specific areas of experience and expertise including key words (list these for computer scanning and to increase your credibility). Highlight your impact/contribution towards organizations. Include strengths, qualities or personal attributes. Emphasize key words if relevant.
Administrative professional with 10 years of experience working with executive management and cross-departmental teams to enhance organizational growth and development. Strength in creating product visibility and evaluating vertical markets for increased financial success. Self-motivated, introspective, and articulate with a talent in motivating teams to reach and surpass projected goals of senior leadership. Experienced in operations, social media strategy, and financial goal attainment.
You have the option to insert bulleted career capabilities here to provide further detail. Also use this as an opportunity to incorporate key terms from the job posting requirements.

Demonstrated success in

Supporting executive team by attaining results in team environments.
Contributing value to operations and securing successful talent.
Aligning department objectives to comply with regulatory standards and expectations.

Core Competencies

• Operational Development • Financial Analysis • Account Maintenance
• Product Introduction • Social Media Marketing • Financial Operations

Career Highlights

Bullet your key contributions relevant to your experience in order to outline your most important accomplishments in the industry. Use the challenge-action-result formula, and categorize each accomplishment in bold. Provide results with appropriate time frames and quantified evidence.
Example Marketing Strategy - Within 1 year, restructured marketing team and created professional training manual to reach projected goal of $10K in increased revenue for ABC Global.

Professional Experience

Include complete employment history in reverse chronological order. Provide detail for approximately the past ten years. Provide a general job scope description followed by specific accomplishments that demonstrate how you stood out beyond just the job description. Document your successes and impact.

Company Name, City, ST
Month Year - Present
Position Title

Provide a description of your job scope by outlining your overall responsibilities and showing the various tasks of your job. Include as much detail as possible, including number of people supervised, interaction with what levels of management, size of budget, etc. Consult careeronestop.org, onetonline.org, or your actual job description for help. Limit to 2-4 lines of text.
Reserve bullets to explain specific accomplishments in this position that support your objective and career summary.

Write accomplishments in terms of actions and results.

Begin each bullet with a b action word (implemented, achieved, facilitated, developed, etc.). Use present tense for current job and past tense for past jobs.

Example: Collaborated with five representatives in a cross-departmental team to enhance current marketing design strategy, resulting in a 15% increase in client base over six months.

Company Name

Month Year - Month Year
Highlight title changes as follows:
Promoted Position Title 2003-2005
Starting Position Title 2000-2003

Reserve bullets to list specific accomplishments in this position which support your objective and your career summary.

Make certain that each description defines your particular achievements in that particular position. Do not repeat content anywhere on your résumé.

Education And Training

Doctor of Management
Anticipated April 2015
Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO
Master of Business Administration
March 2010 University Title, City, ST

Additional Sections

Use your discretion to include additional sections to properly represent your professional abilities, experience, and capacity. Include information that is relevant to your career field. If warranting an additional page of your document, you should fill at least half of any additional page (past the first page) with text. Keep a consistent font and format. Volunteer experience may be represented in same format as professional experience.

  • Professional Certifications/Licensures (Title, Regulatory Organization, Year)
  • Professional Affiliations (Title, Organization Name, Year)
  • Computer Skills (if specifically relevant to industry)
  • Community Involvement
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Military Service
  • Languages

Narrative Provided Outlines Only One Course Objective. Your Elp Narrative Will Need To Cover All Course Objectives.

Objective 1: Summarize the concepts of planning, organizing, controlling, and leading


I believe my work experience covers each of the course objectives for Management Fundamentals (MGM255) as evidenced by the combination of my attached resume, narrative, and artifacts. Being an effective manager involves several key steps which include planning, organizing, controlling, and leading. Planning is the function of management that involves setting objectives and determining a course of action to achieve these objectives. As the Operations Manager for Business Inc., I am required to analyze and plan for current activities as well as planning for the future of the company. There are internal as well as external factors that affect the daily operations of Business Inc., so in order to effectively plan and set goals I created a SWOT analysis (Artifact 1). The SWOT provides guidelines for short and long term plans to ensure that Business Inc. maintain its premiere status. In order to make sure that our production runs at a pace that keeps up with our customer demands, I use the organizing function of management that involves developing an organizational structure and allocating the human resources to ensure the accomplishment of objectives.

My role at Business Inc. requires that I utilize b organizational skills. I complete the employee schedule on a weekly basis thus ensuring that we are properly staffed to complete our product orders. A sample of one of the weekly schedules I created can be seen in Artifact 2. In addition to scheduling employees I also accomplished the controlling aspect of the management process which involves ensuring that performance does not go below standards. Controlling consists of three steps; establishing standards, comparing actual performance against standards, and taking corrective action when necessary.

As the Operations Manager I completed all of these tasks in the form of performance reviews (Artifact 3). I completed a review for each employee twice a year not only to measure their performance but to also implement any corrective measures such as additional training, coaching, or disciplinary action. As the Manager of Operations at Business Inc. I am the leader of my team. Through positive reinforcement, team meetings, one-on-one sessions and training I have not only learned about each employee and their goals, but also how I can utilize that information in maximizing productivity. I also recently completed the PUZLE training, for which I received the attached certificate (Artifact 4). The training course not only reinforced my leadership skills but it provided me with new ways of thinking and suggestions on how to utilize rewards and recognition as motivating factors.

Find employment rates, financial obligations and other disclosures at www.coloradotech.edu/financial-aid/student-disclosures. Transferability of credits is at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. Credits awarded for experiential learning are unlikely to transfer. CTU cannot guarantee employment or salary. 852-0917531 0752976 6/15

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