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Selected for FAFSA Verification? Here’s Help with Navigating the Process

Sep 07, 2017   |   Success Tips
Help Navigating FAFSA
Have you been selected for verification? After submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you may be selected for verification, which is the process of reviewing and confirming the data reported on your FASA. Verification is one of the main reasons why CTU’s financial aid office may need more documentation to complete your financial aid award and determine your eligibility for federal student aid. The documentation requirements are dependent upon your unique financial situation, which a school does not know until you submit your FAFSA, and if you are selected for verification.

Here are a few questions and answers to help you determine what’s next. If you’re a newly enrolled or current student, Colorado Technical University’s financial aid advisors are available to help you navigate the verification process.

Do I have to complete the financial aid verification process?

Yes, if you are selected for verification, then you must complete the verification process if you want to determine your eligibility to receive federal and/or need-based aid to help pay for school. Students selected who do not complete the verification process will not have any federal and/or need-based aid awarded or disbursed.

What do I have to do to complete the verification process?

All selected students must be verified in order to receive Federal Student Aid. If you are selected for verification, CTU’s financial aid office will contact you and outline the next steps required to complete the verification process. In most cases, for subscribed users, students will receive a push notification from the CTU Mobile app. Also, students can log in to CTU’s virtual campus and look for required documents in the Financial Aid tab.

Also, CTU’s verification worksheet is customized for your specific verification category and specifies what additional documentation and information is needed to complete verification. Students are able to access the CTU verification worksheet and upload documents through the CTU Mobile app or CTU’s virtual campus portal. You may be required to verify information such as household size, number enrolled in college and/or U.S. income tax paid. In some cases, you may have to submit additional documents such as signed tax documents.

Is there a deadline to complete the verification process?

The CTU financial aid office must receive your official FAFSA by the end of the defined award year. Information about the defined award year and deadlines is available in the Financial Aid section of CTU’s Course Catalog. As soon as the financial aid office notifies you of any additional requested information, it’s very important that you submit the requested information as soon as possible. No federal and/or need-based aid can be awarded until your verification documentation is submitted and processed.

Students can check their Financial Aid progress and status from the CTU Mobile app and/or CTU’s virtual campus.

For more information about completing the verification process, including where to send documents, please see CTU’s verification page.

CTU’s financial aid advisors are here to help. If you need assistance, please call CTU Financial Aid at 866-813-1836 or contact us by email at Campus students please call 855-733-8023 or email at

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