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Heroically Big Data: Career Opportunities and Beyond

Jun 30, 2014   |   Computer Science
CTU Computer Science Degree - Super Hero Sized Data

Are you seeking to accelerate your education to infinity and beyond? Doctor of Computer Science candidates are building prestigious careers in the emergent and financially rewarding field of big data analytics. Colorado Technical University’s Doctor of Computer Science (DCS) degree equips learners with “super hero-sized” knowledge that can leave them poised for career growth by exploiting in-depth skills within big data analytics.

Take a look at some of the things you should be in the know about if you want to pursue opportunities in the field.

Big Buzz in Big Data Analytics

What is big data analytics, anyway? It’s a method of processing structured and unstructured data, giving management the edge during the analysis phase. It allows for many kinds of data, including video, text, image, and more, to be processed in real time and combined to offer meaningful reporting. All these types of data are valuable – big data analytics serves as the net that pulls them all together for analysis. It goes beyond the weekly structured data report in exchange for real-time, concurrent, and interdependent data threading.

In Depth with Unstructured Data

Twenty years ago, data storage was constrained due to the high cost of media such as hard drives and memory, so the amount and type of data saved was carefully selected by businesses and end users. With today’s cheaper data storage prices, those limitations no longer apply. The economy thrives on this hunger for consuming and holding onto data. Increasingly, the successful organizations in all verticals use mass amounts of data for endless applications.

Translating the raw data into usable data takes innovative research skills, and effective analysis can provide a competitive edge. For example, by analyzing social media data from platforms like Twitter, businesses could obtain near real-time consumer feedback regarding their thoughts on a particular product.

Proper analysis ensures all data merges simultaneously; reporting fast and ongoing automations of meaningful decision criteria.

Complications of Easy Data Storage

With the increased availability of data comes the evolution of data depth. The data cloud allows large deposits of data to be stored at a minimal cost, but this ease of storage comes with its own set of complications. It’s difficult to parse through all the vastly stored data, and enormous groupings of unstructured historical datasets are waiting for proper research and interpretation.

Thus, experts in big data analysis are in high demand, as companies need them to get a leg up in the fight for the lead in big data analytics.

Career Opportunities for Leaders in Big Data Analytics

When a big data opportunity knocks, open the door. Executive boards are relying on the insights of BDA to direct healthy decision making. All signals show that the big data analytics digital transformation is developing a new career edge. Data digestion is rapidly increasing as technology costs steadily decline. Big data analysts have the opportunity to earn very competitive salaries for proficient skills. Jobs that support the processing of predictive analysis make more money due to their value to the profitability of the organization. Listed below are several references about professional career applications in big data analytics:

Trust Me – I’m a Doctor in Big Data Analytics

Due to rapid innovation, the field of big data analytics is challenging to keep up with – one-off certifications or self-education may not be enough. A big data analytics leader drives the analytical process with relevancy to all facets of consumerism. Currently, there is no single leader for certification in the emerging field.

Colorado Technical University offers a Doctorate in Computer Science specializing in Big Data Analytics. A Doctorate in Computer Science in BDA is a research-focused skill with a practitioner approach. This degree offers the valuable focus in true computer science leadership versus a theoretical academic doctorate in philosophy approach. In the CTU DCS program, students have face-to-face interactions among a vast selection of dynamic faculty. These experts are a cross section of academics and real-world experts who hold high-level positions in the field. While the overall BDA course curriculum is designed for Computer Science majors, several of the courses would prove valuable for any student desiring to enhance their research skills.

What do you think? How could you apply Big Data Analysis in your field?

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