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Jaimie Aister

Ombudsman & Lead Title IX Coordinator

Area of Focus

  • Leadership


  • MA, Counseling, Concordia University, Chicago
  • BA, Sociology, Northern Illinois University


Jaimie Aister is Colorado Technical University’s (CTU) Ombudsman & Lead Title IX Coordinator. As the University Ombudsman, Jaimie assists CTU in delivering on our mission to serve our students as a neutral individual who mediates and provides resolution outcomes to CTU student grievances. As an advocate for our students, this role provides critical, continuous feedback to university leadership on emerging student needs and shines light on opportunities to ensure satisfaction among our student body.

Jaimie and her team oversee the complaint process and student grievance procedure for CTU campus and online students in addition to remaining key stakeholders and team members of the Sexual Harassment- Sexual Misconduct policy under Title IX. With her alignment to the university president, the Ombudsman’s Office continues to drive advancements in student experience by offering recommendations to improve processes, procedures, and resolution outcomes across all verticals. Jaimie has served in higher education for nearly 14 years.

Professional Memberships

  • Illinois Title IX Consortium
  • Association for Student Conduct Administration