Balance Work, Home & CTU

You aren’t the typical student. You’re too career-driven, family-focused and self motivated to focus on one thing at a time. You have a career--if not two--a family, friends and hobbies. At CTU, we understand that education needs to fit into your life not consume it. We know you work to stretch your time as far as it will go so we have created the tools and designed the curriculum that allows you to earn one of many applicable degrees completely on your time; completely online. Online learning is the key to balancing work, home & education.

CTU has developed an educational style that every type of student can take and adapt to their lives. Work the night shift or travel overseas? CTU’s Virtual Campus is available to students 24/7 from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Are you a working parent or business traveler? Complete homework assignments or watch lectures from your mobile device or iPad as you commute to work or sit in your hotel room. When we say 24/7 access to your education from anywhere with an internet connection- we mean it. At CTU you don’t have to sacrifice your professional and personal life to pursue education.

We know this balance comes with its challenges, but at CTU we give you the tools to make it work. Learn more about our Technologies and the Flexibility and Support CTU’s online program can offer you so that you can fit a CTU education into your life.

Have questions about how CTU can fit into your life or how other students have found their balance? Connect with our student community on Facebook, watch CTU alumni testimonials or learn more about academic advising at CTU.

We understand that students at our ground campuses are also juggling different aspects of their lives . Learn more about the flexible learning options at our campus locations.