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CTU selects faculty with demonstrated experience, advanced degrees and teaching qualifications to deliver industry-current education. The university’s distinguished faculty are focused on fostering student success and highly interactive student development. Meet and connect with some of CTU’s “real-world gladiators” now.

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  • Academic Leadership
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  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Project Management
  • Security Studies

Constant P. “CP” Craig, MSM

Lead Instructor, Security Studies

Retired Marine Corps Officer. Former Mayor. Homeland Security consultant.

Meet Constant P. “CP” Craig, MSM

Michael E. Alexander, DM

Doctoral Professor of Management

Retired Air Force Officer. Criminal Justice professional. Advocate of student success.

Meet Michael E. Alexander, DM

Michelle Crissman, J.D.

University Dean, Allied Health

Nurse practitioner. Legal scholar. Critical thinker.

Meet Michelle Crissman, J.D.

Daphne DePorres, Ed.D

Doctoral Professor of Management

Scholar-practitioner. Organization Development specialist. Facilitator of the Hero's Journey.

Meet Daphne DePorres, Ed.D

Janet Durgin, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty, Information Technology

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Equestrian hunter jumper.

Meet Janet Durgin, Ph.D.

Patrick J. Fitzgibbons, MBA

Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor / CJ Program Committee Member / Course Development Subject Matter Expert

Police detective. Public speaker. Avid golfer.

Meet Patrick J. Fitzgibbons, MBA

Patrick W. Fitzgibbons, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty, Information Technology

Thesis advisor. Air Force Research Lab consultant. Passionate educator.

Meet Patrick W. Fitzgibbons, Ph.D.

Bruce Harmon, Ph.D.

University Dean of Engineering

Computer specialist. R&D engineer. Linear thinker.

Meet Bruce Harmon, Ph.D.

Richard M. Hough, Sr., MPA, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

Law enforcement educator and practitioner. Lifelong learner. Civic leader.

Meet Richard M. Hough, Sr., MPA, Ed.D.

Jeremy A. Howell, MS

Adjunct Faculty, Healthcare

Navy Medical Service Corps Manpower Planner. Doctoral candidate. Guitar player.

Meet Jeremy A. Howell, MS

Connie Johnson, Ed.D.

Chief Academic Officer and Provost

Top academician. Practical educator. Former broker

Meet Connie Johnson, Ed.D.

Ivan Michael Kaminsky, MEd, MS

Adjunct online faculty, Criminal Justice

Homicide Detective. Boy Scout Leader. Lifelong learner.

Meet Ivan Michael Kaminsky, MEd, MS

Bob Lally, MS

University Director, Homeland Security

Security Expert. Naval aviator. Strategic thinker.

Meet Bob Lally, MS

D. Brian Letort, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Proponent of Big Data. Innovator. Kayaker.

Meet D. Brian Letort, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Melvin, M.Ed.

Faculty Development Facilitator and Assistant Professor

Passionate Educator. Talented Writer. Avid Reader.

Meet Elizabeth Melvin, M.Ed.

Nadav Morag, Ph.D.

University Dean, Security Studies

Homeland security specialist. Intelligence & foreign policy expert. Analytical thinker.

Meet Nadav Morag, Ph.D.

Casey Reason, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Business and Management

Change manager. Innovator. Leadership Scholar.

Meet Casey Reason, Ph.D.

Imad Al Saeed, DCS

University Program Director of Information System and Technology

Game designer. Virtual World creator. Academic leader.

Meet Imad Al Saeed, DCS

Bo I. Sandén, Ph.D.

CTU Faculty, Computer Science

Multilingual. Passionate about the art of software architecture. Lover of classical music.

Meet Bo I. Sandén, Ph.D.

Tonya Troka. Ed.D. Candidate

Program Director, General Education

Communications specialist. Lifelong learner. Storyteller.

Meet Tonya Troka. Ed.D. Candidate

R. Lee Viar, IV, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty / Assistant Professor of Business and Management

Lifelong learner. Published author. Out of the box thinker.

Meet R. Lee Viar, IV, Ph.D.

Stephen W. Volz, D.B.A., PMP, CMQ/OE, BSP, SPHR

Assistant Professor, Business and Management

Project Management Professional. Strategy Consultant. Family man.

Meet Stephen W. Volz, D.B.A., PMP, CMQ/OE, BSP, SPHR

Arletrice A Watkins, MHA, RHIA, CPEHR

Adjunct Instructor, Healthcare Administration

Senior coding specialist. HIM professional. Singer and traveler.

Meet Arletrice A Watkins, MHA, RHIA, CPEHR

Gail Whitaker, DM

University Dean, Business and Graduate Studies

Business Professional. IT Specialist. Lifelong Learner.

Meet Gail Whitaker, DM