Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Organizational Behavior

Colorado Technical University’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Behavior is designed to help you prepare for this pivotal role. Combining theory, research and late-breaking practices, the program focuses on psychology that should help students understand the unique dynamics behind a company’s personnel. Through this psychology degree program, you will also have the opportunity to learn how to foster a positive working environment, inspire contributors, improve employee retention, manage diversity and more.

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  • Courses

    Degree Requirements

    Courses: General Education
    COMS201Technical and Professional Writing4.5
    COMS220Critical Interpretation of Documentary Film4.5
    ENGL104Introductory Written Communication 4.5
    ENGL105Professional Written Communications 4.5
    HIST101Modern American History: 1950 to the 21st Century4.5
    MATH102Introduction to College Math4.5
    MATH106Algebra for Business4.5
    PHIL101Introduction to Ethics4.5
    PSYC102Introductory Psychology4.5
    SCI101Introduction to the Sciences4.5
    SCI103Science and Technology- Laboratory Course1.5
    SCI201Environmental Science and Sustainability4.5
    SCI203Environmental Science and Sustainability - Laboratory Course1.5
    SOCL102Introductory Sociology4.5
    SOCL202Social Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Class4.5
    UNIV104Academic and Career Success4.5
    HUMELEHumanities Elective4.5
    Total Credit Hours:66
    Courses: Core
    BHVS205Managerial Psychology4
    BHVS215Motivation and Emotion4
    BHVS315Interpersonal Communication and Dynamics4
    BHVS316Psychology and Mass Media4
    BHVS320Analytical Reasoning and Presentation of Data4
    BHVS400The Psychology of Creativity and Ingenuity4
    BHVS410Positivist Psychology and Leadership4
    HUMN400Psychological Aspects of Cinema4
    PSYC130Group Dynamics4
    PSYC210Social Psychology4
    PSYC310Organizational Psychology4
    PSYC315Biological Foundations of Behavior: The Brain4
    PSYC320Theories of Personality4
    PSYC337Abnormal Psychology in the Workplace4
    PSYC355Learning and Cognition4
    PSYC360Psychological Tests and Measurements4
    PSYC405Psychology of Health and Well-Being in the Workplace4
    PSYC498Psychology Capstone4
    RES305Introduction to Social Science Research Methods4
    RES310Applied Research Methods in Psychology4
    UNIV301Careers in Psychology4
    Total Credit Hours:88
    Courses: Concentration
    OB450Orientation to the Organizational Behavior Profession4
    OB455Consulting Skills4
    OB460Creating Change in Individuals and Organizations4
    OB465Adult Learning: Corporate Training and Development4
    OB470Developing Human Resources4
    OB475Advanced OD Skills: Organization Interventions4
    PSYC434Stress Management4
    Total Credit Hours:28

    Total Credit Hours: 182

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    Ways to Save

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  • Outcomes

    This degree program is designed to provide the following skills and knowledge:

    • Demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology
    • Integrate psychological principles with self, social, and organizational systems
    • Demonstrate a personal leadership style that can be applied to complex/adaptive settings
    • Construct effective strategies for self-management and self-improvement
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