U.S. Military Training Credit Transfer

Possibly apply your military service as transfer credit for a degree at Colorado Technical University. Whether you are an active duty, reserve, or veteran service member, your military training and service experience may be able to take you closer to an Associate or Bachelor's degree at CTU. 

Prior Learning Assessment Credit

Colorado Technical University's Prior Learning Assessment team will review and evaluate your military training, courses, occupational specialties and traditional education for potential transfer credits.* The evaluation will list your projected transfer credit. The Admissions Department can then develop a personalized degree plan showing how your projected military college credits can be applied to your preferred degree at CTU. We can also identify ways for you to complete the remaining degree requirements.

We use official military transcripts to develop your degree program. You should request and maintain copies of your transcripts for your own reference. You can obtain copies of your military transcript using the appropriate links here. Some branches allow you to request and receive your transcripts online; others must be requested in writing.

The American Council on Education (ACE)

CTU uses the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services to determine transfer eligibility for all newly enrolled military students. Official military transcripts (most often Joint Services Transcripts, AARTS or SMART) are the only acceptable documentation for Military Training, MOS, MOS Level and Services School Credit.  A clear way to see if a document is acceptable is if an ACE credit recommendation is included, or if the document indicates that ACE has evaluated the training/course.

All documents must be requested by the student, either by filling out a transcript request form with CTU or by requesting it independently.  If a student has more than one type of transcript, it is important that ALL transcripts are requested as the information does not always appear on every document.

Commonly seen ACE Credit Recommendations found on military transcripts that may likely transfer to CTU are as follows:

Military Science = Social Science Elective
Supervision OR Principles of Supervision OR Management Practicum = MGM255 Management Fundamentals
Personnel Supervision OR Human Resource Management = HRMT215 Management of Human Resources
Nutrition OR Health and Wellness = Science Elective
Leadership = Social Science Elective
Technical Mathematics = Mathematics Elective
Communications = Humanities Elective
Oral Communications OR Public Speaking OR Principles of Speech = Humanities Elective OR ENGL203 Professional Speech Communications     
Human Relations = Social Science Elective
Chemistry OR Anatomy & Physiology OR Oceanography = Science Elective
English Composition = ENGL101 Composition and Critical Thinking
Introduction to Computers (completed within the past 5 years) = IT101 Computers and Information Technology Literacy OR IT254 Spreadsheet Applications

Please note, all credit must be worth at least 2 semester hours and must be college level (vocational credit is not acceptable). 

Credit is not limited to the courses listed above, each transcript will be evaluated based on credit completed in comparison to the courses the program enrolled in requires.

*Not all credits eligible to transfer. Acceptance of transfer credit is at the sole discretion of CTU. See the university's catalog regarding CTU's transfer credit policies.