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CTU selects faculty with demonstrated experience, advanced degrees and teaching qualifications to deliver industry-current education. The university’s distinguished faculty are focused on fostering student success and highly interactive student development. Meet and connect with some of CTU’s “real-world gladiators” now.

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  • Security Studies

Bruce Harmon, Ph.D.

University Dean of Engineering

Computer specialist. R&D engineer. Linear thinker.

Meet Bruce Harmon, Ph.D.

D. Brian Letort, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Proponent of Big Data. Innovator. Kayaker.

Meet D. Brian Letort, Ph.D.

Bo I. Sandén, Ph.D.

CTU Faculty, Computer Science

Multilingual. Passionate about the art of software architecture. Lover of classical music.

Meet Bo I. Sandén, Ph.D.