D.M. or Ph.D.? When Making the Choice, Details Matter

CTU Doctoral Degree - DM or PhD?Choosing to pursue a degree is an important decision, but just as important is selecting the degree you’ll earn. For students considering a D.M. or Ph.D. in Management, there are many factors to consider. We share many of those in the eBook D.M. or Ph.D. in Management? Here we want to offer some additional insights that may help in making your final decision:

Clarify your long-term goal. Of course, you can’t always know for certain how your career path may evolve, but having a clear vision for what you want helps. Think about the industry you want to work in and the kind of work you want to be doing in that industry. Doctoral degrees vary extensively, so you want to know exactly how you plan to use your education in your career.

Are you interested in hypothetical research or applied research? If you want to strengthen your knowledge in a specific area of study, and also apply that knowledge in a live environment, then a D.M. degree may be for you. If, however, you think your career path leans more toward conducting extensive research where you may never have a chance to test in a live environment, then a Ph.D. could be the best choice.

Take time to vet the doctoral program you choose. Once you’ve narrowed your choices down, investigate the finer details of each program. The reputation of a university is important, but so is the reputation within the concentration of study. Some programs from lesser known universities are highly regarded for their deep specialization and quality faculty. For instance, if you’re interested in a career in homeland security you may be exploring CTU’s D.M. in Homeland Security, which is highly specialized and cannot be found elsewhere, or you may consider a very broad doctoral degree in sociology from a university with name recognition. Which is most important for you and your future career path?

My final word of advice is to make a choice you can live with. Although it’s rare, some students may start in one doctoral program, and then decide later that another program would have been a better choice. Unfortunately, transferring credits between doctoral programs isn’t simple and you risk losing credits. Of course, you create your own success, so even if you end up in a degree program that isn’t exactly what you expected, you’re still in charge of how you leverage what you learn to navigate your career in the way you want.

Trying to decide which doctoral degree to choose? Check out the eBook D.M. or Ph.D. in Management? What You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice for information to help make the best choice for your goals.

Image Credit: Flickr/Justine