Transfer Student FAQs

How does the transcript evaluation process work?

Upon receipt of official documents and transcripts, college-level course work from accredited colleges or universities is evaluated for transfer credit by a Prior Learning Assessment Advisor. Transfer credit is not awarded for courses that are remedial by definition of the transferring institution, or equivalent to remedial courses taught through Colorado Technical University. Transcripts and records presented for evaluation become part of the student’s permanent record. Students wishing to determine the receipt status of official transcripts may contact the Registrar’s Office for additional information.

The process of evaluating international transcripts differs significantly from the process of evaluating domestic (U.S) transcripts. International transcripts must be translated to English and may require official evaluation by an accepted agency recognized by NACES or AACRAO, at the student’s expense. Students may be admitted provisionally, as a non-regular student, pending the receipt of official evaluations. Students may consult with their respective Prior Learning Assessment Specialist to gain additional information about the international credential evaluation process.

How are my prior college credits evaluated?

  • Official college and military transcripts are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.
  • Only courses with a C or better (undergraduate) or B or better (graduate), B (Doctoral) or better will be eligible for transfer credit. No transfer credit will be awarded for courses that were failed, withdrawn, or have not met the transfer credit criteria.
  • Only college level, post-secondary, degree applicable courses will be eligible for transfer credit.
  • Duplication of course transfer is not permitted in any degree program.
  • Comparable course-to-course transfer may be accepted from accredited institutions based on comparable outcomes in lieu of credit requirements.
  • Transfer credit may not be applied for specific courses found in programs with programmatic accreditation or affiliation.

When is the transfer credit applied?

Transfer credit must be applied one session before a student’s course is scheduled in order to exempt the student from taking the course.

When does CTU need my transcripts?

We understand that it may take significant time to receive transcripts requested from other colleges and universities. Please begin the process of requesting your transcripts at the earliest possible time.

If you begin an undergraduate degree program pending the receipt of an official college or university transcript(s), you have until the end of the first quarter or you may be prohibited from further attendance in your degree program, which in turn could result in a grade level change.

Master’s degree-seeking students admitted without an official baccalaureate transcript on file will be admitted as a non-regular student and will be financially responsible for all associated costs of attending CTU. Financial aid funds cannot be disbursed until this required admissions document has been received by the Registrar’s Office. CTU students enrolled in master's degree programs that do not have their official baccalaureate transcripts on file by the end of the first session will be administratively withdrawn from the University at the end of the first session.

What is the maximum amount of transfer credit I can use towards a Colorado Technical University degree?

  • A student must complete a minimum of 25% of the total credit hours for an undergraduate degree program at Colorado Technical University.
  • A student must complete a minimum of 50% of the total credits hours for a graduate degree program at Colorado Technical University. Doctoral programs are not included with these credit requirements. Check with the CTU Graduate Programs for residency requirements.
  • All Colorado Technical University doctoral requirements must be completed in residence at the University. Check with the CTU Graduate Programs for exceptions.
  • Students transferring to Colorado Technical University under established articulation agreements may transfer in a maximum of 75% of the required program credits in associate or bachelor’s degree programs.