Experiential Learning

CTU Experiential Learning Credit

Your Experience Counts

We recognize that learning can happen outside of a classroom or university setting. Knowledge you gained outside a traditional degree program may be relevant to your degree program at CTU. Learning experiences obtained through employment, non-collegiate, school-based education or other appropriate channels may be evaluated for course credit by Colorado Technical University if it is in adherence to American Council of Education (ACE) recommendations.

To be considered for this credit, your prior experience or education must:

  • Relate specifically to an associate or bachelor’s degree course in your academic program.
  • Result in experientially attained and mastered college-level competencies that are appropriately documented and equivalent to the course outcomes that would be acquired in the comparable Colorado Technical University course.
  • Demonstrate and verify learning through documentation such as work samples and/or supervisory verification.

How to Apply for Experiential Credit

If you think you may qualify for experiential credit, start the process by contacting a Prior Learning Assessment Specialist and/or a Program Chair to determine your eligibility. You will be asked to build a portfolio of experiential work. The final portfolio is submitted to the Prior Learning Assessment Department and/or a Dean and assigned to a Program Chair for evaluation and determination of credit.

The maximum amount of life experience credit accepted toward graduation is 16 session credit hours for an associate degree and 32 session credit hours for a bachelor’s degree.

Ready to get started?

If you need more information or you’re ready to begin the process for applying to earn this course credit, we’re here to help. Contact a Prior Learning Assessment Specialist today.