Richard Holloway, J.D.

Program Director, Criminal Justice

Chicago, IL

Counselor. Experience-based educator. Manager of expectations.

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  • J.D., Litigation, University of Illinois College of Law (1994)
  • BA, Political Science, African and African-American Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1991)

I practiced law for about a decade – doing both criminal and civil work – before I began teaching as an Adjunct in Business Law and Criminal Justice. I have been in higher education for about eight years now working as a Faculty member, Program Director and Assistant Director of Education.

Academic Specialization/Focus at CTU

Criminal Justice

Why are YOU IN?

I’m into learning! And, I’m in at CTU because I see the dedication of the faculty members, and it inspires me to give as much as I can to our students’ success. I’m in for our students because I see their perseverance. In light of how much they have going on, they still manage it all effectively and progress towards their goals. Watch Richard's CTU Story. - Link:

What is your teaching philosophy?

I am always honest with students about the work they can expect to do, the time, energy, and effort they will have to put in to achieve their goals of graduation and pursuing their chosen career. I set realistic expectations, so they know what they are getting themselves into in terms of their education and in terms of their chosen career path. I provide examples from my own educational and work experiences as well as those of friends and colleagues.

Aside from higher education, what else are you passionate about?

I love basketball, reading and nutrition. And, I love it when I help a student have a "light bulb moment."

Professional memberships
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
Research interests
  • Constitutional law in the context of homeland security