Academic Advising

CTU Academic Advising

CTU’s dedicated Student Advising team is a group of real people who act as advocates assisting students with their academic planning and concerns seven days per week. Advisors are here to answer student questions about their degrees, aid students in understanding policies and procedures, work to promote high-quality interactions between students and professors and much more. Advisors are just one part of the supportive CTU community helping students ensure their educational pursuits are balanced with work and family life.

Have questions about your academic progress, selecting or changing degree programs, transferring credits from another college or university, class schedules or would you simply like to learn more about Student Advising at CTU? Contact us today. We’re happy to talk.

Online: 866.813.1836
Colorado Springs:   
Denver North: 303.362.2900
Denver South: 303.632.2300
Kansas City: 816.303.7799
Pueblo: 719.595.0200
Sioux Falls: 605.361.0200