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New and Returning Student Checklist: How to Prepare for the Transition

Whether you are a new or returning student, the first few weeks or months of classes may be an adjustment. However, there are steps you can take at the start of the term that may help you keep up with schoolwork and your personal life, such as creating a budget, planning a calendar or joining an in-person or online study group.

Selected for FAFSA Verification? Here’s Help with Navigating the Process

Have you been selected for verification? Read on to learn the answers o questions CTU students may have if they are selected for verification after submitting their FAFSA.

Student Productivity: 8 Tips You Can Use to Help Stay Focused

Staying focused doesn’t always come easily. Whether you feel like you just can’t get started, or find yourself distracted, there are some techniques you can use that may make your project work and study sessions more productive. You can work on getting enough sleep, starting the day off right with a good breakfast, and staying organized, among others.

Wounded Warrior Scholarship Caregiver Recipient Looks Towards Future Success

Nearly three years later after being awarded the CTU Wounded Warrior scholarship, Deborah Fletcher is approaching the end of her journey of completing an Associate of Science in Business Administration degree. "I turned 60 this year and had been out of school for 40+ years," Fletcher stated. "To get to go back to school after this many years has been awesome!"

How to Make Your Online Learning Experience Successful

With millions of people attending college via the Internet, what makes a successful online student? How do you really balance work, life, family and college? At CTU, our goal is to help you work to complete your degree while still balancing life’s other demands. Here are some tips for success from our graduates to consider while you are pursuing an online degree with CTU.3

Returning to School as an Adult: How to Ask for Help and Family Support

How can you ask for help and encourage family support as you head to college as an adult? From creating a designated study space to a shared family calendar, CTU offers a few suggestions.

How to Go Back to School After Having a Baby

If you have a new baby in the house, then you know just how much your life has changed. Your priorities have shifted, and with newborn care now at the top of your list, your schedule is a far cry (pun intended!) from what it used to be. Thought you'd organize your closet and write those thank-you notes? Think again!

How to Choose Online Nursing Programs

Online degree programs allow students an opportunity to access affordable nursing education without having to commute to school. Here's a closer look at what prospective nursing students need to know about selecting an online nursing program, from evaluating faculty credentials, to considering your educational goals, and thinking about your future career paths.

8 Non-Clinical Nursing Jobs to Leverage Your Nursing Degree

For those thinking about the next step in their nursing career, a move away from the stress and fast pace of a clinical setting can be appealing. These eight non-clinical nursing jobs are just a sampling of positions that may be available that allow current nurses to utilize their healthcare degrees outside of the hospital or clinic.

Could Your Passive Communication Be Holding You Back?

No matter how much education you achieve, how you present yourself holds near equal weight in how far you can go professionally. Small tweaks in the way you speak can help you appear more confident as you work toward your school and career goals.

Myths and Facts About Online Learning

Colorado Technical University Student Success Coach Bill Priestley shares three myths he hears from students about online learning. Are online courses as rigorous as campus-based, face-to-face courses? Is online education easier? Many prospective students have the same questions and concerns when considering online courses.

Wounded Warrior Scholarship Selection Committee Member Vito Pampalona Offers His Advice

Vito Pampalona has dedicated his life to this country. First, when he was drafted into the military during the Vietnam War, and now by spending time with wounded service members, veterans, and their families, spreading the word about CTU’s Wounded Warrior scholarship and spending countless hours reading applications as a CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Selection Committee member.

CTU Now Accepting 2018 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Applications

For the tenth year in a row, Colorado Technical University is offering full-tuition education scholarships to wounded, active duty service members and veterans. Spouses, caregivers, and new for 2018, dependents of wounded service members are eligible to apply as well. Learn more and how to apply.

Reasons to File a FAFSA

Why file a FAFSA? There are several reasons prospective CTU students may want to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA can help you determine if you qualify for assistance such as federal grants and loans to help pay for college.