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Words of Wisdom from Steve Pemberton – CTU’s 2016 Commencement Speaker

For 2016 CTU commencement speaker Steve Pemberton, success was never supposed to happen. In his memoir, A Chance in the World, Pemberton writes about his journey from an orphan – never given a chance – to someone who has achieved his version of the American Dream. Explore Pemberton’s wisdom in-depth.

Introducing Steve Pemberton – Your 2016 Commencement Speaker

This year’s graduation events will be held July 29th-30th at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Continuing with previous tradition, we have an excellent commencement speaker for the 2016 ceremony: Steve Pemberton, Vice-President, Diversity and Inclusion and Global Chief Diversity Officer for Walgreens.

Six Degree Programs in CTU’s College of Business and Management To Receive Accreditation From the Project Management Institute

The Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs has awarded accreditation to CTU’s Bachelor and Master level degree programs. Click here to learn more about PMI’s rigorous standards and about what accreditation could mean for our program’s future and yours.

Social Media Do's and Don'ts for Nurses

As our online presences have become ubiquitous, so too has the need for social media do's and don'ts to maintain professionalism and prevent breaches of etiquette. As medical professionals, nurses have additional factors to consider when maintaining their online presence, both to respect boundaries and to protect the privacy of their patients.

CTU’s Recent COS Career Fair Proves a Success for Students and Prospective Employers

From finance and tech to legal services and health care, a number of companies from the surrounding area were on hand for a recent Campus Career Fair on CTU’s Colorado Springs campus. The event gave current students and recent graduates the opportunity to meet with prospective employers, make a great impression and maybe even land an exciting career opportunity. Read on to learn why this year’s fair was such a success.

Get Your Resume up to Date

Employers sort through piles of resumes (often electronically). Many resumes can either go unnoticed because of dull formatting or lack of obvious achievements, or they can end up in the recycling bin because of easily avoidable mistakes or inappropriate information.

Getting to Know CTU’s Aurora and Colorado Springs Campuses

You probably know about CTU’s online degree programs, but did you know we have two ground campuses in Colorado where you can pursue your degree program in a traditional classroom setting? At CTU Colorado Springs and CTU Aurora you can experience small-class sizes and one-on-one learning on a flexible schedule that suits your busy life.

A Back to School Checklist for Online Students

A back to school checklist can give online students a starting point for juggling their education with other responsibilities, including work and family. Best of all, getting organized from the beginning is a great way to start with confidence and hit the ground sprinting.

How Could an Internship Benefit Me?

Who me? An internship? If you’re an adult learner, transitioning from a military career, or relaunching a career after a hiatus, you may think you’re not a good candidate for an internship opportunity, but that’s not true. Just like any other student, you may benefit from internships that are related to your intended career.

How to Be a Better Writer

Working with words can sometimes be a challenge if you don’t plan ahead. Writing becomes a lot easier when you’re prepared before you start. At CTU, we want to help prepare you for any writing assignments that come your way. Check out these great tips on brainstorming and organizing your thoughts before you even start writing.

5 Things Every Online Nursing Student Should Know Before Their Job Interview

A recent article from US News and World Report quoting CTU’s Dean of Nursing, Ruth Tarantine, suggests that online nursing students may face a few unique challenges when entering the job market. However, there a few simple ways that recent online nursing grads can advocate for themselves and their degree program when talking to prospective employees.

What Is an Experiential Learning Portfolio?

Students who choose to return to school after spending some time in the workforce often bring with them a wealth of knowledge and professional experience. While it's great to be able to apply this practical knowledge base to some of the courses you're taking, what if you could turn this experience into credit?

Why Become a Nurse Practitioner?

For many people who have been to the doctor's office lately, chances are you may have been treated by a Nurse Practitioner (NP). With people in the United States making more than 916 million visits to NPs annually, Nurse Practitioners are in high demand.1 Plus, the workforce of NPs is expected to grow by roughly 19% by the year 2020.2 For those who already have a background in nursing, it might be worthwhile to explore the option of becoming a nurse practitioner.