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CTU Aurora Students Showcase Final Projects

Colorado Technical University students at the Aurora campus presented final class projects in the campus’s first ever Projects Showcase.

Want to Ace the Phone Interview? Here Are a Couple of Tips

The phone interview is one your first opportunities to make a good impression on a potential employer. Check out our phone interview tips and avoid these mistakes.

How to Complete the FAFSA

Financial aid can be a vital yet complicated part of higher education. You’ll want to identify the basics of the FAFSA to maximize the available financial resources.

Time Management Techniques to Help You Study Over the Holidays

Many students struggle with how to manage time studying during the busy holiday season. Find out how to focus and stay balanced with these unique tips.

How to Start Your Finance Resume: Five Things You Should Do Now

Looking to make a strong start to a career in finance? Here are five ways to start your finance resume.

Tips for Military Veteran Job Seekers

Use your military experience and skills to your advantage when starting a new civilian career. Here are five tips to help military veterans find jobs.

Looking for Work? Check Out These Job Search Sites

Searching for work can go far beyond newspaper ads and help wanted signs these days. Find the job search sites that could help you land a job.

Military Transfer Credit Helps Accelerate Degree

College wasn’t new for Jarrad Jerome Davenport, a CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship recipient in 2014.

Tips on How to Pay for Your Education at CTU

Think a college degree is out of your reach? It might not be! Learn more about how to pay for your education at Colorado Technical University.

What Career Paths Will an Electrical Engineering Degree Take You Down?

With an electrical engineering degree there are many career paths you can pursue. CTU outlines some of the opportunities.

Financial Aid Guide for Military Students

College can be the right tool you need to enhance your military or civilian career. Discover the financial aid options that may be available to help you pay for school.

DEA Agent Set Up Sham Facebook Page to Aid Investigation, Woman Sues

A DEA Agent pushed the boundaries of scams, stings, and ruses, and many legal experts believe that he may have pushed it too far.

Study Tips For College: 5 Things That Make a Difference

Starting college is a daunting task, but you can start school on the right track with these five study tips.

CTU’s VP of Student Advising, Jack Lewandowski Answers Your Questions

We recently spent time with CTU’s VP of Student Advising, Jack Lewandowski on Facebook. Read on to learn some of the questions he fielded during the discussion.

CTU at the Jacksonville Air Show

Colorado Technical University was at the Jacksonville Air Show in Jacksonville, FL.