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Are you a self-directed learner?

The cornerstones of STEM education, especially those related to problem solving, critical thinking, and mindfulness can benefit all of us.

Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipient Sets His Goals High

U.S. Army vet Barry Hooper wants to pay it forward and says his goal for obtaining a degree at CTU is to get a job.

Intellipath™ Personalizes Learning for Online MBA Students

Intellipath™, CTU’s proprietary education technology, is helping online MBA students control what, how and when they learn.

Healthcare Management May Hold Career Potential for Upcoming Graduates

A career in healthcare management can be a rewarding path if you have a passion for health and a desire to lead. See what to expect for such careers.

Tips on Choosing a Degree at CTU

You’ve made the choice to go back to school. Now it’s time to choose the CTU degree that may help you get on the career path that might be best for you.

STEM Education: The future of the workforce

CTU Faculty discuss their recent experiences with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and how habits of the mind can be beneficial for all students.

The Military Woman's Dilemma: Finding Work After Service

Despite years of training, many military women find themselves unemployable after serving their country.

Military Spouse Profile: Natalie Harvey

We had the opportunity to speak with one of our students, Natalie Harvey, who is pursuing her degree in Accounting. She is a military spouse who is successfully balancing a busy family and pursuing her education.

U.S. News & World Report Rankings Include Colorado Technical University on Three “Best” Lists

CTU listed among the Best Online Programs for 2015 for online bachelor’s degrees and online master’s degrees in criminal justice and IT.

CTU Graduate Brett Amidon Appointed VP of Engineering and Global Product Development at Northrop Grumman

CTU is proud of graduate Brett Amidon who was recently appointed to a VP role at Northrop Grumman. His hard work and perseverance paid off.

CTU to Host Engineering Speakers Panel

Colorado Technical University is hosting an Engineering Distinguished Speakers Panel on Wednesday, January 14th in Colorado Springs.

Why Terrorists Are Hacking the American Military's Social Media Accounts

Hackers claiming affiliation with Islamic State, the terrorist and guerrilla organization that controls large swaths of Syria and Iraq, were able to take control of the social media accounts of the US military command responsible for the Middle East and Central Asia.

CTU Fast Track

Learn how to earn your degree in less time and save money with CTU Fast Track tests. Fast Track is an assessment to test your knowledge of key course objectives so you can claim credit for what you already know.

7 Questions to Ask Your College Admissions Advisor

If you’re thinking about returning to college, ask your admissions advisor these questions before selecting a school.

How does Tuition Reimbursement Work?

If you’re employed and thinking about returning to school, then consider how your employer might help pay for tuition costs.