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4 Reasons Why Your Digital Identity Matters

In 2017, your digital identity on social media is a major aspect of networking, getting connected with employers and representing yourself as a potential job candidate1. It’s absolutely a must to create a personal profile on LinkedIn and build out your career experience. It’s also recommended that you utilize the site for content publishing, learning, group interactions and intelligence-gathering about various companies and organizations4.

Facebook Tips: What Can Your Employer See?

It's always a possibility that an employer could see what you post online. Learning some simple Facebook tips may be useful when creating and maintaining your social media profile. With that in mind, it's important to understand what your employer or potential employer can and cannot see — and how to handle any questions professionally if they arise.

The Potential Hidden Secret of Job Applications

Hiring managers may take little time to review your résumé. This is one reason a résumé must be concise, organized, and easy to review. Your résumé does not have to contain your life story; it just has to get you in for the interview. Sometimes it can be difficult to exclude parts of your professional past, but it might be necessary to create a competitive résumé. Follow the steps below to help make your résumé tell a story employers may want to hear.

What Is Networking? How Can You Improve Your Networking Skills?

What are your first thoughts when you hear the word networking? Does it feel nerve wracking, scary, or do you not even know where to start? You are not alone. It is true that there are many people out there that are very good at networking but they didn’t become great overnight. Networking is a skill that is developed over time and with practice. Find out more about what networking means and how you can work toward improving your networking skills.

Becoming a LinkedIn All-Star

If you are considering a career change or are looking to advance in your current field, it’s important to develop and maintain a relevant, professional LinkedIn profile. But beginners beware! LinkedIn isn’t an ordinary social media site – its career-oriented nature requires some extra consideration.

Time Management: What Does It Look Like? Sharing Insight

Time is a precious commodity, but how you manage your time is a different story. You manage it or it manages you. There are only 24 hours in a day – it is advantageous to get an early start in case something unforeseen happens. At times, you must reposition yourself to take on additional or new challenges; after all, life happens!

CTU Professor Emeritus Teaches in Czech Republic

Dr. Frank Prochaska, CTU Professor Emeritus, recently returned from the Czech Republic where he was on a six week Fulbright Specialist assignment teaching creative leadership courses at the University of Defense in Brno, Southern Moravia to Czech Army and Air Force officers and civilian defense personnel.

CTU Colorado Springs Presents Company Spotlight: Centura Health

Meet Centura Health employees and explore career opportunities and internships in the healthcare industry on Thursday, December 1st from 4:30 - 6:00 pm.

CTU Aurora Hosts LinkedIn Workshop

Learn how to optimize your online presence on one of the most popular professional networks in use at our CTU Aurora Workshop on November 30th from 4:00 to 5:30 pm MT.

CTU Colorado Springs Campus Open House

Stop by the Colorado Springs Campus on Wednesday, November 16th to get answers to your questions about admissions, financial aid, academics, and more.