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Jane McGonigal on How Games are Changing the World

The term ‘gamer’ can carry a stigma, leaving some to assume that players are idle or lazy. Think again. Games could be the key to changing our lives and inspiring hope for individuals.

Download Social Graphics to Show You're IN!

Download your social media images to demonstrate your pride in Colorado Technical University, an accredited university tailored to the needs of educational achievers. 

Sociologist and Best-Selling Author Dr. Bertice Berry Chosen to Address CTU Graduates

Dr. Bertice Berry, PhD., will deliver the commencement address to the 2014 graduates of Colorado Technical University (CTU). CTU selected Dr. Berry for her dedication to education.

Taking a Second Chance on Happiness

Finding love with a paraplegic veteran translated to new challenges – and a second shot at life – for Norma Boyd.

Reboot: What the Internet of Things Means for the Future

Technology’s advancement impacts more than selfies and Facebook postings. As the Internet of Things gains momentum, even the thermostat is getting online.

The Fighter Within: Why Pedro Arellano Won’t Give up on Education

Boxing and higher education may not look like they have a lot in common, but the drive to succeed is what keeps all good fighters in the game.

Cigna CLO Karen Kocher on the Future of the Workplace

With chronic talent shortages and a youthful workforce embracing new ideas about how to work, tomorrow’s leaders have to understand the landscape to thrive in it.

Does Reliance on Technology Open the Door to Increased Cyber Risks?

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, CTU’s Dr. Nadav Morag warns against the impact this has on increasing cybercrimes and online risks.

Why Does a University's Accreditation Matter?

Colorado Technical University shows how colleges and universities earn their accreditations. Read how CTU meets all of the standards set by various accreditation bodies.

CTU Alumna Darcie Johnson Finds Her Path

Darcie Johnson didn’t receive a road map to success with her high school diploma. But with instinct, drive and the right education at CTU, she achieved her dreams.

A Rose by any Other Name…Would Negatively Impact Business?

Businesses face plenty of challenges, but the greatest one just might be the company jargon. Speaking the same language, it turns out, is harder than it seems.