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The Caveman’s Guide to Starting Your Career

Humans, it seems, are not so far evolved from cavemen when it comes to landing a job. From fitting in to displaying your advantages, here’s how to find your tribe.

Bestselling Author Charlene Li on Professional Networking

Networking is more than getting desired connections. More importantly, it’s what you give in relationships that count toward your networking success.

CTU Presents Distinguished Lecturer Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer at Cigna

CTU Presents Distinguished Lecturer Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer at Cigna on March 26, 2014.

Balancing Work and Life to Achieve New Goals

John Petrov started college when his life was in full swing, but that didn’t stop him from earning a degree from CTU.

Military Veteran Paves a Unique Road to Success

After serving in the Navy for 11 years, Rick Grams obtained a Master of Science degree in Business Management at Colorado Technical University.

CTU Presents CIGNA Chief Learning Officer - Karen Kocher

Do you have the 10 most-wanted leadership skills? Karen Kocher, Cigna’s chief learning officer, explains how to acquire them.

CTU Colorado Springs IT/CS Distinguished Speakers Panel

The panel will be discussing current trends in Information Technology and Computer Science. Our alumni and students are invited to learn where the future may lead for the Information Technology industry.

IT Experts Visiting CO Springs Campus for Panel

Invest in your future – attend our upcoming panel featuring local technology industry leaders at the Colorado Springs campus on March 25 at 4pm for a panel on the future of IT.

Expert Representation on CTU's Advisory Boards

CTU’s advisory board serves to manage the checks and balances of the university. That goes for expert representation for its curriculum too.

Passion and Engagement Characterize CTU Faculty

University students want an experience that inspires them beyond the classroom. See the passion and engagement that CTU faculty bring to the table.

The Gift of Education

For the recipients of CTU’s Wounded Warrior Scholarship, the gift of education is an opportunity that supports their transition and recovery.

Why RN Staffing Needs Better Regulation

With a federal bill on RN staffing regulation still in limbo, patients are left to hope they live in a state that’s already adopted regulations for better care.

Nontraditional Education: The New Tradition

Whether you’re juggling a career, family priorities or military life, at CTU you can pursue a quality education that fits into your life.

A Passion for Education

Chief Academic Officer and Provost Connie Johnson, Ed.D., speaks about her lifetime dream of furthering her education, then working in the field.

Best-Selling Author Charlene Li Defines What it Takes to be an Open Leader

Open leadership is a series of relationships that come with the challenge of inspiring others to follow you. Letting go of control is key.