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After the Aurora Shootings: The Prosecution and Defense of James Eagan Holmes

As extensive media coverage of James Holmes’ shooting spree in Aurora, Colorado continues, reports offer firsthand accounts from survivors of the unfortunate night.

Obamacare: The good and bad

One thing is certain: the debate on how to provide healthcare in the United States will not stop with the Supreme Court's ruling.

Rethinking the Cybersecurity Equation

We need to take a hard look at our cybersecurity policy and ensure those that that frame it are the best minds private and public sectors can bring to the table.

Global Security Series: The Syrian-Iranian Link and Its Impact on the Region

Our Global Security Series offers background and analysis on issues related to U.S. national and global security. In Dr. Morag’s fourth post covering Syria, he continues to provide insight into the history and key players in Middle-Eastern conflict.

Why a 3.3 GPA Could Serve You Best in the Real World

Stop for a moment and consider GPA from the perspective of a potential employer: How important is it that a candidate boasts a 4.0? Conventional wisdom would tell you the higher the GPA, the better – but is this really true?

After the Colorado Wildfires: 3 Lessons in Disaster Preparedness

The Waldo Canyon fire is mostly gone, now, but has left its mark on the mountainside, the neighborhood, and the hearts of people. My thoughts go out to those who lost their homes.

Organization Structure Key to Project Management Success

PMI suggests that despite how mature an organization is, businesses suffer when emphasis and investment in project management is reduced. As is the case at businesses that have resisted the discipline, this translates into projects that lack attention to detail, fall short on delivery, run over budget, and, overall, fail to meet requirements.

The Cyber Domain: Five Ways to Frame the Security Policy Discussion

Over the last decade alone, technological advances have forced a sea change upon the world with myriad positive implications. But for all the positives, there’s a dark side to our fast-evolving cyber world. There’s been a simultaneous emergence of cyber threats and crimes on a variety of fronts that pose a risk to individuals, businesses, and governments.

Psychology is WHAT?

Most of us think about psychology in terms of mental health and counseling. Sure, psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes, but when do we behave and think? ALL of the time, of course.

The Six-Pack and Criminal Investigations

The goal of any investigation is to find the truth. However, sometimes methods we use to uncover the truth don’t measure up. The “six-pack” is one method that has long had a role in how law officers identify suspects recently been called into question.

Global Security Series: Syria, a Country of Multiple Identities

In Dr. Morag’s second post covering Syria, he provides a brief overview of the country’s political history – from the creation of the French Mandate of Syria in 1920, through independence in 1946, to present day.

Why Certify? Driving Forces Behind Industry Certifications

College graduates do need to consider how they will distinguish themselves from thousands of other graduates competing in the job market.