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MBA vs. Master of Science: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Enroll

The primary distinction between an MBA and an M.S. is breadth versus depth. An MBA degree offers a broader view of business management. An M.S. degree hones in on a single specialty, such as accounting, human resources or information technology.

Earn an Online Master's Degree: How Long Can it Take?

Read on to learn more about the factors that determine how long it takes to earn a graduate degree and the length of time it might take you to complete a master’s degree program at Colorado Technical University.

Earn an Online Bachelor's Degree - How Long Does it Take?

This guide contains general information about how long it takes to earn an undergraduate degree and the length of time it might take you to complete a bachelor’s program at CTU.

Steps to Choosing a Military-friendly School

In this guide, discover the qualities that define a university as “military-centric”, so you can make an informed decision about the best school to pursue your academic goals.

Financial Aid Guide for Military Students

College can be the right tool you need to enhance your military or civilian career. Discover the financial aid options that may be available to help you pay for school.

Life After the Military: Tips for a Successful Civilian Career

Learn more about transitioning to civilian life by preparing for your post-military career options.

A Woman's Guide to Going Back to School - Choosing an Education to Further Your Goals

If you are a woman who has been out of high school or college for some time and are thinking about returning to school, full- or part-time, this guide is for you.

Transfer Credit - Earn Credit for What You Know1

At Colorado Technical University, many of our future students begin their education with past college, military or life experience that may be applied toward their degrees.

Military Transfer Guide

Your military training and service experience may take you closer to a two- or four-year degree at Colorado Technical University.

Experiential Learning Portfolio

Learning experiences obtained through employment, non-collegiate, school-based education or other appropriate channels may be evaluated for course credit at CTU.

Ph.D. or Applied Doctorate - Not all Doctoral Degrees are a Ph.D.

You’ve decided to pursue the highest degree possible, a doctorate. Now it’s time to choose the type of doctoral degree—Ph.D. or applied—you’ll earn.

Financial Aid - Paying for Your College Investment

Get the essential facts about financial aid, so you can make a decision about how you might allocate your investment in your university education.

Information Technology and Project Management: How To Avoid Failure and Achieve Project Success

The rise in technological innovation in business means project management plays a critical role in the IT function.

D.M. or Ph.D. in Management? What You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice

Pursuing a doctoral degree is a big decision. Understand the difference between a D.M. and Ph.D. to make the best choice.