From Poverty to Power: What China’s Emerging Status as a Superpower Means for the United States

CTU Homeland Security Degree - China backgrounder paperOnce a backwater country ruled by foreign powers, China has shaken off its colonial past to become a mighty economic force.  And where there’s money, there’s power. From its potential to sabotage the U.S. military through cyberspace to its geostrategic presence around the world and its substantial investment in the U.S. economy, China presents ever-shifting challenges for the United States. Add to this the evolution of its political past to its current pseudo-communist government, and its potential effects on the United States and the rest of the globe become considerably more complicated. Dispelling the noise around the subject, Dr. Nadav Morag gets at the root of the China question in this backgrounder, exploring the country’s history, government and dramatic economic changes all in an effort to answer the big question: What is China’s global impact? Continue reading...

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