Today’s MBA Degree: In Demand and Within Your Reach

CTU Business Degree - Today's MBA

In today’s job market many positions go unfilled due to a shortage of skilled candidates. Professionals with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree continue to be in high demand, making it the degree professionals seek to advance their career goals. In fact, according to the 2012 Year-End Poll of Employers Summary Report published by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 76% of employers expect to hire MBA graduates and, the MBA is typically the most sought after degree out of all graduate degrees.

Think an MBA guarantees career propulsion? Think again. In increasingly competitive and highly specialized fields, an MBA can give you the strategic mindset and baseline competencies employers demand. Companies can benefit from professionals who can intellectually understand business demands, and also make practical use of that theoretical knowledge to produce tangible business results.

The importance of earning an MBA is increasing as companies begin involving professionals from a variety of specializations and fields in business strategy, operations and transformation. So how do you resolve the conflict that arises when considering an MBA? Sure the time commitment of the program comes with inherent sacrifice, but so could not furthering your education. Continue reading…