Professional Learning Model: Teaching Students the Critical Thinking Skills Sought By Employers in the Workplace

  • by: Gail Whitaker, DM, Former University Dean of Business and Management
  • March 13, 2013
  • Higher-Education

CTU Online Degree - Professional Learning Model 

How prepared are students to “connect the dots” between issues they’ll encounter on the job and the variety of options for solving them?

It’s a concern Colorado Technical University (CTU) has addressed for years. While equipping students to succeed and distinguish themselves upon graduation is the mission of every school, CTU takes a unique path to make sure it delivers.

Since 2004, CTU has utilized and is constantly refining what it calls the Professional Learning Model (PLM). PLM is an educational orientation and philosophy designed to fill the gap between the “how” and the “what” people learn at the university level, and knowing what’s expected of them to succeed in the workplace.

Why is this so important? Dr. Gail Whitaker, CTU University Director of Business and Management Graduate Programs and seasoned management professional with more than 25 years of experience, says, “When hiring, I always focus on candidates who demonstrate the professional knowledge needed for the job, and I also look at their ability to apply that knowledge to real business scenarios.” Continue reading…