Active Shooters – The Quiet Threat That Dwells in Your Backyard

What’s the biggest threat to American security today? It’s not Jihadists from abroad but rather homegrown criminals who use firearms to commit mass murder. Known as “active shooters,” these people are often mentally ill but socially functional, and they strike at random. Schools, movie theaters, military bases—any place and anyone can come under attack at any time. Here, Dr. Nadav Morag takes a hard look at the facts of active-shooter violence, from what constitutes an attack, to who’s at risk for becoming an active shooter, to how police are trained to respond. And, perhaps most importantly, Dr. Morag examines the best ways for people and businesses to prepare for an attack and mitigate its effect. Education, even in the arena of active-shooter violence, is our only hope of prevention. Read full White Paper.