Customize your learning with adaptive learning technology at CTU

CTU Thought Leadership - Adaptive Learning eBook

In a College Algebra course you may have a strong core knowledge in fractions but struggle with solving linear equations that involve fractions. What if there were technology that could assess your strengths and change how your course was taught, so you’re spending less time reviewing what you know and more time in the areas where you most need support – linear fractions?

At CTU, this is a reality. In select classes that use adaptive learning technology, personalization is integrated in a streamlined, non-intrusive manner. You won’t even notice it’s there. CTU seamlessly embeds adaptive learning technology into the online learning experience, so you’re not distracted by extra work or assessments. The class just naturally adapts to create your unique learning path, and everything you do earns you credit toward your final grade. You’ll develop a learning path that gives you extra support where you need it while moving you quickly over your areas of competency.  It’s learning made just for you.

After all, each student is unique. Shouldn’t education fit each student’s personal learning needs, habits and preferences while giving them the knowledge needed to succeed?

Download the E-book to see how CTU adaptive learning impacts education.