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A Woman's Guide to Going Back to School - Choosing an Education to Further Your Goals

If you are a woman who has been out of high school or college for some time and are thinking about returning to school, full- or part-time, this guide is for you.

Transfer Credit - Earn Credit for What You Know1

At Colorado Technical University, many of our future students begin their education with past college, military or life experience that may be applied toward their degrees.

Military Transfer Guide

Your military training and service experience may take you closer to a two- or four-year degree at Colorado Technical University.

Experiential Learning Portfolio

Learning experiences obtained through employment, non-collegiate, school-based education or other appropriate channels may be evaluated for course credit at CTU.

Ph.D. or Applied Doctorate - Not all Doctoral Degrees are a Ph.D.

You’ve decided to pursue the highest degree possible, a doctorate. Now it’s time to choose the type of doctoral degree—Ph.D. or applied—you’ll earn.

Financial Aid - Paying for Your College Investment

Get the essential facts about financial aid, so you can make a decision about how you might allocate your investment in your university education.

5 Overlooked yet Essential Steps for Educational Partner Success

Educational partnerships are designed to give companies a competitive advantage. Focus on these five.

5 Demands for Your Educational Partner

The most effective educational partners are ones that bring more to the table. They have the flexibility to deliver solutions.

Customize your learning with adaptive learning technology at CTU

What if technology could assess each student’s strengths and change how a course was taught, moving quickly over areas of competency and focusing on areas they needed support?

Learning gets personal: Transforming the one-size-fits-all approach to higher education

As an innovator in online learning, CTU has discovered that personalizing the learning experience can enhance student success.

Professional Learning Model: Teaching Students the Critical Thinking Skills Sought By Employers in the Workplace

Professional Learning Model
Teaching Students the Critical Thinking Skills Sought By Employers in the Workplace...