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CTU Story: Timothy G.

Our adaptive learning technology provides one-on-one tailored instruction for the needs of each student at that moment in time. It is as if every instructor has a class of one.

CTU Story: Enjolique W.

I'M IN AND NOW I pave the way for those who seek progress, but don't know what route to take to begin their journey.

CTU Story: Tom C.

I'M IN AND NOW with each degree I receive from CTU, I achieve a promotion to the next level within my field.

CTU Story: Latonya G.

I'M IN AND NOW I inspire my children to better their lives through education.

CTU Story: Jeremy B.

I'M IN AND NOW I'm able to pursue opportunities to do what I love, Information Technology, while taking care of my family.

CTU Story: Nicole C.

I'M IN AND NOW I'm helping students visualize their dreams!

CTU Story: Darlene D.

I'M IN AND NOW I will be able to decrease the financial bondage in my life that has caused a lifetime of high stress and serious health deterioration.

CTU Story: Dana H.

I'M IN AND NOW more then ever, I developed success in school. As a stay at home dad, business owner, and security professional...I can see the finish line!

CTU Story: Venasta T.

I'M IN AND NOW every time I look at my diploma, I cry tears of joy!

CTU Story: Petra H.

I'M IN AND NOW I’ve assuaged my biggest fear in life.

Is Africa the New Asia? Rosa Whitaker on How U.S. Businesses Can Win Big

Rosa Whitaker is a recognized authority on Africa trade and offers four ways current government policies can help U.S. businesses win big in Africa. Attend Whitaker’s lecture on October 24th.

CTU Story: Phil C.

I'M IN AND NOW after 3 1/2 years, I finally completed my goal of being the first member of my family to graduate college.

CTU Story: Ryan M.

I'M IN AND NOW I've been able to see exactly what I am capable of doing educationally and professionally.

Just Say No: Why Good Leaders Don’t Do It All

The best leaders aren’t the ones who burn the candle at both ends but who know how to delegate. Learn how to say no and become a better leader because of it.