Gina Rinder Receives the Gift of an Education from CTU

Gina Rinder – CTU Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship Graduate. Master of Science in Criminal Justice

"My husband is a wounded warrior. He joined the army in 1988 right out of high school and served 23 years. And he received injuries during the battle for Sadr City. I received an email from the family readiness group for my husband’s military unit that talked about Colorado Technical University’s wounded warrior’s scholarship program. When I first got the scholarship, I was surprised and amazed. It was a very amazing gift to get; it was, it’s hard to put it into words. My experience at CTU was very positive from the very beginning, all through the courses, until graduation day. Everybody was very professional, very friendly. And I just think it was a wonderful experience. You leave those classes with a very solid understanding of the subjects that you covered. You’re not on your own as an online student. My name is Gina Rinder, I am the spouse of Master Sergeant Retired Sean Rinder, and I’m in."