The Impact of a Mentor

Dr. Emad Rahim's mentor helped him develop the confidence necessary to improve his writing and speaking abilities. Mentors are those who motivate us to reach our true potential - how can just one meaningful connection help you?

Dr. Emad Rahim – CTU Business Alum and Real-World Faculty Member

"A few years ago, I met a person by the name of Dr. Darrell Burrell. And we were both pursuing a doctorate in management at Colorado Technical University. So we were both students at the time. And Darrell Burrell was extremely passionate about scholarship. He was passionate about writing and sharing that knowledge. And he really pushed me to write, to become a writer. He wanted me to really share my knowledge, to share my experience, and to really put myself out there. Now if you knew me prior to meeting Darrell, you knew that I was a shy person. I struggled with dyslexia for the majority of my young adult life, so I was a poor writer. I was insecure with my writing. I have a Brooklyn accent so I’m always insecure with my speaking abilities, my public speaking. He didn’t give me any magical tools. He didn’t pull out, you know, a box full of resources and guidance. What he did was he believed in me. He mentored me, he coached me. And I think more people need that. If, if you can find that person that believes in you, that supports you, there’s a greater chance you will reach your potential. That you will fulfill your dreams based on that experience."