Best-Selling Author Charlene Li Defines What it Takes to be an Open Leader

New York Times bestselling author and leadership expert Charlene Li shares her "Give
Three, Get Three" networking approach with CTU students and alumni.

"I want to go on to talk a little bit around leadership. And the reason I want to talk about leadership is I’ve done some research on it, I’ve written a book on it, but also because when you think about what leadership is, it really is just a series of relationships."

"And one of the biggest challenges is this: leadership often times is defined as control. But if you try to define it as control, you’re lost. Because frankly, I think that leadership is all about the ability to give up the need to be in control because frankly, you never were in control in the first place. Let’s face it. But at the same time though you have to do something very different, and I think of that as command."

"Why will people follow you? Because they believe in you, because you’ve invested in that relationship, and they trust you because of what you’ve done to create that leadership."

"So this is the premise behind the book that I wrote three years ago “Open Leadership.” And the definition of open leadership is this: that you have the confidence and also the humility - two words that seem complete opposites to each other - to give up the need to be in control. Because, again, you  fundamentally realize that you are not in control. And, at the same time, you inspire the commitment – and this is all about inspiring rather than controlling people – to accomplish goals."

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