Is Online Education Right For You?

You know who you are: A leader, a networker, an innovator. But it’s time to bring these strengths out from inside you and into the world. And to help bring them out and get that competitive edge, you know you just need one little thing. The problem is, the traditional ways that education is available all clash with your life.

You’re beyond this crowd. You’ve already accomplished a lot. Why should you have to go through a process that was designed for someone you aren’t? You don’t. There’s a program that knows where you are and meets you there. It’s CTU. CTU isn’t interested in forcing you to change the core of your life, just to get the education that can take you to the next level. Our technology-driven learning model is flexible. Letting you learn in the way that fits you best.

Most importantly, CTU is regionally accredited, so you know it’ll count. And credits you’ve earned from other colleges and universities may be eligible for transfer. So you can use the work you’ve already done to graduate sooner. Our highly specialized curriculum helps you develop industry-relevant skills. And you get the power of CTU’s innovative award winning M.U.S.E. content delivery platform. With learning materials in a variety of media that’s available to you anytime from all kinds of devices. As long as you have internet access, you’ll have support always available from teachers and classmates. And opportunities to collaborate in real time with screen-sharing, whiteboards, file sharing, and chat.

We also offer 24/7 tech support to assist you as you work. With an easy interface for communication and benefits even beyond graduation. Plus, you’re not alone here. You can get to know other students in our virtual commons and join clubs to meet people with shared interests online and in person, and always feel part of a community. It’s your life. You can do more with it. CTU will help you.

Are you in?