Leverage Your Experience in Homeland Security

Nadav Morag, Ph.D. – University Dean, Security Studies

"When the Master of Science in homeland security was set up, we tried to look at the various facets of homeland security. Most people associate it just with things like counter-terrorism, when in fact it’s hugely broadened and covers a wide range of different types of issues. So what we tried to do is be as comprehensive as we can, while allowing students to also specialize."

"Our master’s in homeland security is based on a set of core courses and a set of concentration courses. Our program really is designed to prepare students for very senior positions within their respective homeland security agencies. These can be disciplines such as law enforcement, fire, emergency management, public health agencies."

"We’re looking for students who have at least 5 years’ experience as practitioners within a homeland security-related field. We’re also trying to leave the door open for people who want a straight academic career because there’s a dearth of academics in homeland security at present, and it’s a new field. We believe that in creating these kinds of criteria for getting somebody into the program that will really enhance the learning experience for the students."

"So we’re really trying to prepare people to think strategically, to be able to assess and analyze data in an effective way, and to be able to make effective decisions as a result. That essentially is what you need at a senior level is somebody who is able to assess information and make effective decisions. I’m in so that students get a very strong homeland security education."