CTU Presents CIGNA Chief Learning Officer - Karen Kocher

Maker Instinct. Clarity. Constructive Depolarization. Immersive Learning Ability. Bio-empathy. Dilemma Flipping. Quiet Transparency. Rapid Prototyping. Smart Mob Organizing. Commons Creating.

Would you recognize these 10 leadership skills of the future? Do you know what they mean and, more importantly, do you know how to acquire them?

Karen Kocher, chief learning officer at Cigna, defines the 10 leadership skills of the future. She will:
-Explain how to develop a personal network analysis
-Delve into leadership skills to help you achieve professional success
-Share the social skills to collaborate, grow and learn from peers

Kocher has more than 15 years of experience managing learning and development functions within Fortune 250 companies, including Cigna and IBM. In addition to her roles leading education organizations, her background includes technical and sales positions within the insurance and financial services industries.