Could an MBA from CTU be in Your Future?

The decision to pursue an MBA is life changing. You want to be sure you’re making the right choice.  Is Colorado Technical University’s MBA program for you? Let’s find out.  As you browse through all of the options available, are you willing to settle for pretty good? Or are you looking to stand out? To advance your career in a way that fits into your life? To use innovative educational technology to receive a relevant education? To access a network of connected professionals, and claim your seat at the table?* If all you need is pretty good, there are dozens of schools that will fit the bill.  But if you hold yourself to a higher standard, then you’re in the right place. You’re looking to stand out from the crowd and build your personal brand –that’s something we can help with.

Out of the hundreds of MBA programs available, CTU stands out. We’re ranked a top-10 online MBA program globally by CEO magazine1.  Our business programs are accredited by ACBSP, which is a leading organization offering specialized business accreditation for all degree levels. We offer relevant concentrations such as those recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management and the Project Management Institute. 99% of employers rate CTU graduates as performing as well or better than other employees2. And CTU MBA graduates on average have received a 22% increase in salary after 3 years3.** What’s more, the percentage of CTU MBA students with a senior level job title doubled in the three years after they earned their MBA3.

You want to learn about real world challenges from professors that are professionals in their fields. Our career-relevant curriculum is aligned with industry trends, and was developed in collaboration with an advisory board of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and subject-matter experts including Dr. Maurice Dawson, CIO at Reynolds Research and Technology and Editor-in-chief of Intellectbase; Dr. Amine Ayad, Divisional Merchandising Director at Wal-Mart; Arel Moodie, President of The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, best-selling author, and one of Inc’s 30 under 30; Melinda Emerson, CEO of Quintessence Multimedia and Forbes #1 Influential Woman for entrepreneurs to follow; and many, many more.

You want an innovative educational experience with technology that lets you control how, what and where you learn. Our personalized learning tools let you customize your course material, so you can move quickly over content you already know, and have more opportunities to learn something new. They even let you decide whether to watch, hear, read, explore, or practice the course content so you can choose the learning style that works best for you. And most course material is accessible through your smart phone for when you're on the go.

Finally, you know that education alone isn’t enough to get you ahead. You want access to a network of connected professionals.  We provide you with the opportunity to grow a powerful professional network and to build out your personal brand. With an alumni network over 70,000 strong and growing, an MBA from CTU will give you the tools you need to advance your career*. If you’re ready to move up, then it’s time to claim your seat at the table. To take control of how, where, and when you learn, and to grow a powerful professional. CTU. Are you in?

1Source: “CEO Magazine, Oct. 2012, vol. 8, A publication of the International Graduate Forum”

2Source: 2012 CTU employer experience research. Conducted by Analytic Group Inc. Scottsdale, AZ

3Source: 2012 Champion College Services Alumni Survey of CTU 2009 MBA graduates 

*Colorado Technical University cannot guarantee employment or salary.  Not all programs are available to residents of all states. Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at

**Disclaimer: These are national statistics, and the figures in your area may be different.